How to Query 

To see a pretty simple breakdown of what you need and how it's different for fiction, memoir, and non-fiction go here. For fiction and memoir, your manuscript must be complete and polished. Don't send unsolicited attachments of any kind. Be sure to include your full name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number in your query (and on your manuscript!). For fiction, include the word count (use the word count tool in your word processing program).

For well formatted query examples, go here.

***I now accept only email queries. ***

Make sure you only query me when your manuscript is COMPLETE. (And by COMPLETE, I mean you've drafted, revised, and polished your manuscript). 

  • Send all email queries to QUERY(at)newleafliterary(dot)com Put "QUERY--SUZIE" in the subject line 
  • Please include your first 5-10 double-spaced sample pages within the body of the email 
  • I do NOT open attachments Include all necessary contact information 
  • You will receive an Auto-response confirming receipt of your query 
  • I only respond if I'm interested in seeing your work. Here's why.

Other Query Information:

  • You don't need to respond if I'm passing. I appreciate your thanks but I'm just doing my job
  • If I request your manuscript, when you send it to me, you'll receive a "confirmation of receipt email" which will tell you how about how many days it might take me to read the ms. Hopefully you'll hear before then, but if those days pass and you haven't heard, please feel free to check in (email only). 
  • Don't send me a synopsis--they're totally evil. If I need one, I'll ask.
  • Please DO contact me if I'm considering your work and you have received an offer from another agent or editor.

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