I have a confession:

I am retiring from the blogosphere.

I started this blog as just a reader who talked about books. My reviews were probably pretty terrible, but it was a way to feel connected to other readers.

Then I got into publishing and began blogging about life as a literary assistant which then became life as a literary agent.

At conferences I could point to my own blog address and tell writers, not to make the mistake that I did (long url that no one would remember).

I've answered questions, critiqued first pages, posted about conferences and conventions I've been fortunate enough to attend.

And I've also posted a lot of happy release day messages to my lovely clients. (And yes, I've been doing a lot more of that lately and a lot less of anything else). Which is, in short, why I'm retiring from the blogosphere.

My clients are super talented and amazing, and they keep me busy--in all the best ways. In fact, I have 19 titles coming out from January to April 2016. And that's what I'm going to be focused on this year.

I do have a tumblr now and I will still answer questions over there.