Friday, November 30, 2012

Query Round up 11/30

As of 6:00 pm I've finished reading this week's queries.

There were 193 queries in the inbox this week.

I'm seeing a lot of science fiction and a lot of ghost stories in my queries. I'm certainly not opposed to either, but I think it has to feel new and different.

I requested 4 manuscripts!

MG fantasy: query was a little vague but still caught my interest. Pages are good!
YA fantasy: sounds fabulous
Science Fiction: It's unclear if this was YA or adult, but either way it looks good.
YA contemporary: Sounds awesome.

So as you'll notice there are some clear patterns to my requests. Almost all of my requests could be explained with "great premise in the query and I love the pages."

On top of my wishlist:
More adult manuscripts. I could go for a good contemporary romance (and I'll even look at new adult contemporary romances). Or women's fiction! Or magical realism. Anything really. I'd love to find another great adult project.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Countdown to AVOW

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Query Roundup 11/10

As of 4:32 pm on Saturday, all of my queries have been answered. I had 246 queries in my inbox.

I requested 1 manuscript.

YA fantasy that sounds unique and amazing.

I regretfully passed on 2 manuscripts.

Another YA fantasy that had a really cool premise, but I just wasn't grabbed enough by the writing.
Adult romance with science fiction elements. Really cool premise, but I wasn't sucked into the voice in the first pages.

This is a new one for me, but--don't admit in your query that you don't actually read or enjoy books.

Along those lines, remember that the best way to present yourself is in a professional manner and as someone who will be lovely to work with. Agents want to represent good books, yes, but we also want to forge a great working relationship with our writers. Even if you are bitter, disillusioned, or desperate (It's a tough industry, I get it), try your best not to show it.

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