How NOT to start your query

I've been reading queries for a long time. I still get surprised though when I see some of them. Lately I've been seeing some openings that don't exactly make the desired first impression.

A few examples:

"It took me more than twenty minutes to full recover from the shock of your gorgeousness."

"I chose to query you despite how much you enjoyed the Twilight series."

"I know you ask for pages, but excerpts are a better way to see the full range of my work so I've pasted them below."

"Attached is a book I wrote."

"This is only a concept rough draft."

"I have completed a plot synopsis I'd like to send you."

"I have an idea for a book."

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Unknown said...

Hmm.... I'm thinking of sending you a query that starts, "Even though you don't like sugary coffee, I guess I'll query you anyway..."

Stephen Kozeniewski said...

Ha. Joke's on that querier. I recovered from your gorgeousness after only nineteen full minutes.

Unknown said...

The first visit, greeting healthy

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