Ask Me Anything: The TWILIGHT Question

I got a really interesting question today:
I'm not trying to be rude with my question but why is it Stephanie Meyer can get away with rather simplistic writing but any new writer who wrote like her writing style (like over use of adjectives for one example) would be chastised. And I don't even mean with the fourth book you can see it in the first book. Is there a point where personal bias takes over and the agent is so in love with the story and characters they don't care less about how it's written?
Here's my answer:


The YA market is over 10x more saturated now than when Twilight first published, which is a good thing, but it does make it harder then to get published. So the comparisons to older books can be hard.

Not all writing quality is created equal. Not everyone can write like Laini Taylor. This is okay. Not all readers (particularly reluctant ones) want that beautiful experience (ok obviously I do).

But if the writing style is more simplistic or the quality of writing isn’t starred review worthy, the book has to make up for it with phenomenal storytelling. The trick is to get people to read the book and get so swept up in it that they don’t care about adjectives or whatever.

Also and I’m just going to be argumentative here, but I loved Twilight. I actually said to a (now ex) boyfriend when he kept trying to interrupt me while I was reading the last book “I’m reading the conclusion to one of the great love stories of our time, can we talk about this later?” It did get starred reviews--three of them. And given it’s popularity, whatever it’s flaws, people certainly got swept up in it.

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Unknown said...

So the decision is based on whether the storytelling and author's voice is strong enough. Hmm...

Thanks to the person who submitted the question! And thanks for picking to answer it, Suzie. Always fun to read these ASK posts. :)

mshatch said...

Good question and good answer! I loved Twilight, too.

Grace said...

I agree, about Twilight! Amazing story telling that brought out the FEELS! <3

Unknown said...

YESSSSS! Thanks for answering this question. I too loved the the Twilight love story. I was totally swept away.