Great Writing Conferences

Someone asked me recently if there were any great writing conferences they should know about. I go to some conferences, but I actually think other writers are going to be best equipped to answer that.

Recently I was at RWA Chicago North's Spring Fling and was super impressed with the conference, especially the "hot night" critique session that I sat in on.

But I also took the question to twitter. The questioner was asking specifically about conferences for YA writers.

Some of the suggestions I got are:

Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers WorkshopThe Western WA SCBWI
New England SCBWI

But let's hear from you. In the comments let me know what are some great conferences that you've been to--not matter what you write.

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Rena said...

There's also Write On Con which is pretty awesome if you can't afford to travel to a conference. You can find it at They haven't posted the dates for this year yet, but I'm sure it'll be up soon.

Christine L. Arnold said...

DFWCon down in Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I live in Chicago and I still make the trip every year. It's pretty reasonably priced compared to many, and everyone there is so friendly and professional, and they always have a great lineup of speakers/agents/editors and lots of classes to choose from. This year's recently ended, but I think they're going to be announcing 2015 dates soon.

Susan at West of Mars said...

Aww, Suzie! We hosted you last year at Pennwriters. And while it's currently getting started and anyone will have to make plans for next year in Pittsburgh, it's worth the wait.

Alexia Chantel said...

I live in MN and heard abou the RWA Chicago con while it was happening. Nice to hear you were impressed with it, I have been debating checking it out next year.

This is a helpful post! Thanks to you and the other comments!

Unknown said...

YA Day at RWA Nationals.

Rebecca S said...

I think the best YA writing conference out there is Writing and a Illustrating for Young Readers (WIFYR)! It is a workshopping conference that is pretty much a mini MFA. So many fantastic writers have credited WIFYR for jump starting their writing careers. It is well worth it to attend!