Writing Contest Winners!

Thanks everyone for being patient with me! I'm finally ready to announce the winners of the celebratory writing contest, in honor of A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers.

We had 40 fabulous entries and it was so tough to pick a winner! There were several really great ones. Here are my favorites:

Best New Leaf Client Entry
Dan Krokos @ 2:08 pm

Best Priest
Meg @ 10:23 am

Best Use of My Name
Violet Ingram @ 7:40 pm

Made Me LOL
Rochelle @ 3:02 pm

JF @ 5:52 pm

Best Twist
Abigail Johnson @ 2:37 pm

Best Suspense
Ambiguous_A @ 5:44 pm

Best Voice
Ashley @ 10:34 am

Runner Up
Sarah Blair @ 3:49 pm

And the winner is...

Shannon Koga @ 11:57 am

It’s totally Clueless, I know. Falling for your stepbrother. Your stupid, leaves his crappy-art-installations-all-over-the-living-room-floor stepbrother. They’re the kind of portraits that make a priest reach for his cross—hot, wild blurs of every scorned ex-girlfriend he’s ever had, covered in nothing but household objects.

This time it’s Tara, up to her navel in toasters; chords lashing around her ankles, smoke framing her face. Stubbing my foot on her, it’s the literal worst. A cough. I look up, and there he is, much too far, atop the staircase. “That’s for the burn-pile.”

I draw my lips together. “It’s not that bad.”

Shannon! Shoot me a quick email and I'll get you your copy of A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers and we'll chat about the critique you won!

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JF said...

Thanks for the contest, Suzie! I can breathe again knowing I was in your top ten. Can't wait until your next one ; )

Jocelyn (JF)

Myra King said...

Congratulations, Shannon. Top entry. Well deserved win!

Rochelle said...

Congrats to Shannon, and thank you! Happy to have made you laugh. The competition was a ton of fun!