Interview with Chelsea Fine + Contest

Today as part of my New Adult Addiction, I'm talking to Chelsea Fine. You might be familiar with her YA series, The Archers of Avalon.

Well, she's working on a New Adult novel right now. And let me tell you, it's awesome.

Anyway, onto the good part. Welcome Chelsea. Why don't you have your main character, Pixie, tell us what your book is about in 140 characters or less.

What was I thinking, living under the same roof as Levi’s blue eyes? There’s no way I’ll survive the summer. I can barely survive breakfast.

What was your favorite chapter scene to write and why?

I loved writing the scene where my two main characters first kissed. It was sweet and intense…and it took place in a fort during an epic game of Capture the Flag, so yeah. Big fun.

You do kissing scenes so well. Who’s your favorite character to write and why?

My protagonist, Pixie! She’s messy and sad, and has a tendency to ramble. But she’s also snarky and tough, so she was really fun to write.

I want her to be my new best friend. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? 

There are two or three scenes where Pixie is painting, and I drew on my personal experience as an artist for those descriptions. She paints with her fingers, like I do. Also, she’s messy and unorganized like I am.

You've written a lot of books. Did you always want to be a writer? 

No, actually. I wanted to be a freelance artist, painting murals and canvases for a living—but that was mostly because my younger sister always wanted to be a writer. So the profession of writing was already claimed. But then I went a published a book so… *makes face* Awk-ward. Haha.

What was the first work you had published?

A little novella called Sophie & Carter. *happy sigh* I love that book. 

And, how did you get your agent? 

Luck. Prayers. Fairy dust. The usual.

(Chelsea forgot to mention Good writing. Her second novel Anew had just come out and a producer wanted to option the film rights. He reached out to me and recommended I read her work. I did, and I was desperate to work with her.)

I know you're writing full time now, but what other jobs have you done to support your writing? 

I worked at a credit union for seven years. During my employment there, I was held at gunpoint three times. So I was pretty thrilled the day I got to quit and start writing full time. Hooray for surviving a bank job.

I didn't know that! That's crazy--I'll need to hear those stories at some point. Also, I suspect you could use that as inspiration to write a great thriller!  

Anyway, back to writing. What are you working on at the minute?

I’m currently finishing up my first New Adult book, as well as working on my first MG series.

The New Adult book is about childhood friends who grow up together, experience a tragedy, and drift apart. But a year later, they end up living next door to one another for the summer and find it difficult to keep the past, well…in the past. It’s a story about hurt and healing, and true love of course.

And the MG series is about a young girl who stumbles upon some magic in Scotland and goes on a wild ride through a world steeped in fantasy, beauty, and danger in order to find her way back home.

Eeek! I’m so excited for both!

So since this is your first New Adult novel, what first drew you to the genre?

The age group! 18-25 is sort of like a Dark Age and I LOVE the concept of giving characters that fall into this lost time some roles in the literary world. Instead of only knowing what their first kiss/love/heartbreak was like in high school and then jumping right into their career lives in their thirties, we can actually let all the significant life changes of their “college years” play out. Forget high school, those are the years that truly shape us.

I know you read a lot of New Adult too. What would you love to see next in the genre?

More paranormal New Adult. And maybe a “New Adult” version of some popular Young Adult book series? That might be fun. 

That sounds like a lot of fun. I can already think of a few series that I'd love to see "New Adult" versions of! 

Here's where you can find out more about Chelsea, including what we do with her New Adult novel when it's all finished.

And now it's contest time! I'm in the mood for another 100 word writing contest.

Here are the details:

You need to write a short story (100 words or less!) using these five words:


Post your story in the comments of this post by 11:59 pm on July 13th

What do you win?

A paperback copy of Anew by Chelsea Fine


Your choice: either a first page critique or a query critique--good for you or a friend if you're feeling generous.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Alwyn said...

I've been wanting to read the Archers of Avalon series actually! But I am slightly broke at the moment alas!

So 100 word entry

“When to darling?” A gunshot sounded outside. If our luck held we had 25 seconds. Time was a funny thing though.
“I told you the pixie cut was too conspicuous.” He was scowling.
“And I told you to get a new suit.” I retorted. Someone screamed. “Without shoulderpads.”
His mouth twitched “So pick us some numbers.”
“1923?” I offered “Prohibition has some mighty fine booze.”
“I could sure use a drink.”
I took his hand as the first bullet hit the door. They’d still find us in 1923. But not for days. Maybe even weeks. Then we’d just start anew.

Anonymous said...

My 100 word entry:

“Fine,” I say, wiping away the mascara I smudged crying earlier. “Cut it.”
His fingers twitch toward the scissors. He wets his lips nervously, cringing ever so slightly and squeezing his glitter-lined eyes closed. With any luck, he’ll stop staring at me like I’m plagued and just cut.
“You’re 100% sure you want a pixie?” He’s opened his eyes and trained them on mine again. Damn.
But I don’t have to think, not after yesterday. I need to start anew, or look like I am anyway. That’s all.
“It’ll be the new me.”

Shannon Renee said...

I’ve daydreamed about my first time a million times. Each fantasy has breathtaking scenery, dialogue that is dripping with romance and I’m utterly brilliant in the sack.

The reality of sleeping with Ethan isn’t as I imaged, but that’s fine. Better than fine.

New and unexpected emotions leave my voice rough and my thoughts scattered. I say the same word over and over again.

Who knew, “Yes” was my favorite word?

He tastes like a blue pixie stick, and is voice quivers when he tells me he loves me. It’s not luck that sends me over the edge, shaking anew.

ReedWrites said...

Agent feedback would be marvelous!

“Anew a pixie once,” the old man slurred from his deathbed. Andrew, his grandson, seriously doubted that. He had been listening to several new fantastical tales from his grandfather all morning. He counted his luck for not having to listen to the old ones.
“I am sure you did grandfather,” Andrew replied drolly. The dying man’s eyes were lit anew; he had a new story to tell his grandson. Andrew lamented his grandfather no longer comprehended sarcasm. His luck had waned after all.
“Fine, tell me of this pixie,” Andrew sighed.
“Your grandmother was fine indeed,” the old man grinned.

Melissa said...

If only for a laugh and nothing more I'd be content.

PREGNANCY 101 – the fine print.

Begin your day with anew barf. Cry your eyes out during a puppy commercial. Your husband looks at you funny, oh no, here comes the uncontrollable monster.

Poor husband? He didn’t mind being in pixie-land making love as if creatures of a fairytale. Weirdo. I liked it.

Sneeze. Did I just pee myself? Oh, that’s sexy.

(Reaches for underwear. Wipe, sniff, and sigh. Like new.)

What was I saying? Oh yes, the fine print.

You want sauerkraut straight from the tin can? Sure. You’re engorged boobies just leaked? Great.

Just embrace it. Embrace it all.

Unknown said...

Great interview! Here is my entry for the equally great contest:
Not all pixies are blue, you know. I myself am a fan of fine lime greens, perfect for hiding in the new summer grass. My sister told me – after pulling on my wings like sixteen times – that there’d be no beginner’s luck for me when it comes to pranks, it’d be all about camouflage.
That and swiftness. Did I mention my sister managed to catch at my wings like sixteen times?
No matter, today I start anew. Nuts, they’ll most probably be calling me Green Flutter Fingers by the end of the day, not um, the ‘drooling one.’

MFGoddard said...

“It’s the pixilation.”
“Da. I think you mean pix-e-lation.”
The old man looked over his glasses at me.
“Fine. Just give it a tap. Loving like. For luck.”
I sighed and rested my hand on top of the television.
“It’s an old set. We can buy you a new one.”
“This one is all that I want.”
The set warmed, the picture coming into focus with what could only be described as a happy hum.
The old man settled back in his chair, his smile anew.
“There you are.”
I jerked back.
I could swear the television winked at me.

Anonymous said...

Reaching into my bra I pull my breasts together, an attempt at creating cleavage.

Turning to the side, I lock eyes with Max in the mirror. The pixie stares back, mouth agape. Maybe we’re in luck.

“Well?” I ask turning to face him full on.

“It’s uh...fine.” He says distractedly as his gaze rakes my body in the new dress he picked out.

I glare at him, leaning down onto the table he’s standing on until we are eye to eye.

When his eyes finally reach mine, a smile spreads across his lips. “Go get him Molls, start anew!”

AuthorVanessaShields said...

“Achoo-Anew!” The others chimed as I sneezed again.
Fucking allergies. It not my fault I’m allergic to fairy dust. What a fate for a fairy, right? And a dust fairy at that.
The name’s Anew. I’ll be eighteen in three days. In fairy years that’s eighteen, in case you’re wondering. When a dust fairy turns eighteen he can do what he wants. The first thing I’m gonna do is let my hair grow. Damn pixie cuts. Even the guys have to have them. With luck, I’ll grow fine golden locks. And she’ll finally notice me.

Ashley said...

“Fine,” he said coarsely, his mouth set into a grimace. That was a new expression for him, too harsh on his delicate features. I hoped I wouldn’t see it too often. Or ever again.

With any luck, I wouldn’t have to.

He said “fine”, but I knew it wasn’t. He held out his fist and for one sickening moment I thought he was going to squeeze it shut, but then he opened his palm one slender finger at a time.

I jumped back as the pixie catapulted into the air, free and wild and itching to begin anew.

Ambiguous_A said...

These contests are so fun!


I rammed my padded elbow into the wall to a fan-friggen-tastic effect. The girl in front of me lurched, her new blue skates slipping underneath her.

I snorted. What was it about post-prom season that made sweet girls like her decide to start anew with roller derby?

“Get up,” I said. “If you can’t stand on the skates, there’s no way in hell you’ll make the team.”

She wobbled to her feet and puffed out her lips. “Fine, but I—”

Her eyes widened at my nametag. Pixie Barf.

That’s right, princess, I thought. Luck isn’t on your side, today.

Unknown said...

That night I decided, anew, to declare myself to the love of my life (somehow turned best friend). I only had so many chances left before graduation. He’d called earlier, announcing that he had something important to tell me. So I slipped in my new Valentino dress, thinking he’d fall at my feet the moment he saw me. Instead, I almost fell of my five-inch heels when I entered the restaurant. He was not alone. Next to him was a blond angel, dressed in a fine black lace dress. No… pixie is more accurate. A gorgeous one.
Just my luck.

Unknown said...

The new one came in, finally. I examined her, first. Her hair was fine and limp, not the usual high quality of the others that preceded her. Her body was pixie-like, much smaller than I expected. Overall, I wasn’t impressed.
This was just my luck.
I unzipped her clear packaging and she blinked at me.
“I want water,” I ordered, but she remained, in her box, without the slightest acknowledgement that I had spoken.
I was most defiantly returning this one.
“Water.” I repeated. Nothing. I was preparing to start anew, with another, better, girl-in-the-box, when a reply came.

Rosie J. Pova said...

I wonder what my parents were thinking, naming me Pixie. They weren’t thinking, I guess. After all, I was a mishap of two drug addicts.
A few years after I was born though, they decided to clean up their act and start anew. Got married, bought a house—painted it blue, symbolizing a new life with clear skies ahead. Turned out, with their luck, they became the freaks of the neighborhood. And who wants to be friends with the freaks’ daughter?
So considering their exquisite parenting, I’m supposed to turn out fine. Yeah. Tell that to the judge.

Rebecca Sky said...

These contests are way too addicting! Here is my next entry:

(99 words)

I vowed to never have sex with a stranger again. I’m trying this new thing called respect. Something the fine young thing at the end of the bar, the one batting her eyelashes and flaunting a low cut shirt that shows off a tattoo, isn’t understanding. From here it looks like a pixie, could be a butterfly. With a little luck, by the end of the evening, I won’t be guessing what it is. Damn. Who am I kidding? I suck at this respect thing. Just one more time, then I’ll anew my vow tomorrow, or… the next day.

jocelynfrentz said...
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Tamara said...

There’s a pixie using my bathroom. Frankie’s new girlfriend. A fragile, five foot blonde with blunt hair and luminous eyes. With any luck she’s fallen into the toilet.

“Is it okay that I brought her?” Frankie is still thick as a brick.

I move to make more space between us. “It’s fine.”

“You sure?”

I shrug and begin anew. =“I said so, didn’t I?.”

“Right.” The brick flashes me a devastating grin and ducks his head into my fridge. “How bout some juice?”

“No thanks,” I say, because I know that there won’t be enough for us all to share.

Crystal said...

It's been fun to read these contests!

She gazed at the fine hole in her nose, an imprint of an impulse she had at eighteen and the world opened up to her, filled with new and exciting opportunities. The boys he had dated since their freshman year had dumped her a week earlier and she felt reckless. A tattoo! She found the perfect pixie in a book of designs, but the hum of the needles grated her nerves. She asked for a piercing instead. But now, after graduating college summa cum laude, which she could only attribute to luck, it's time to start anew. Farewell, nose ring.

jocelynfrentz said...

The Archers of Avalon series is one of my favorites!

They said I’d die without them– I knew better. Pixie Elders are naïve, to say the least.

I peered over my shoulder at my new petal-like wings; fine lines stretched across them. I knew they’d grow back, it was part of the deal– I wouldn’t just give my wings to a flightless fairy– duh.

I needed to get these feeble wings to work soon– before my banishment for being earth-bound. I wasn’t worried though, luck dust was a fairy’s currency. I was paid in full.

If I could start anew, I would. I bet she’d shell out for flying lessons.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the opportunity/challenge.

Pixie and fairy dust; they've had that argument, like a thousand times! "Na-ah, not the same thing," she practiced in her large droplet-mirror. She'd show that fairy-two-shoes today... with her fair complexion and lily of the valley-white hair. Purple, Pix decided, taking a new bottle of dust.

Why was it that fairies were so fair, while pixies were so... well... un-picturesque?

As luck would have it, she'd find herself before the ministry of mischief anew (and a fairy sporting a fine, though somewhat singed, Afro), entreating, "How was I to know that mixing fairy dust with pixie dust spontaneously combusts?!"

Anonymous said...

These contests are so much fun! Thanks for having them! Here's my entry:

The semester was setting up really slow for Madeleine. Oh, her classes were OK and friends were plentiful, but the boyfriend situation? Nada. Time to start anew.
Madeleine had just walked out of her Psych 101 class when her cell phone buzzed. Riley Fine! What luck!
Riley Fine: The sexiest man on campus, as far as Madeleine was concerned. And every other female agreed. So did Riley.
“Bad Boy” Riley might just be the kind of guy to give her goody-two-shoes image a facelift. That, and a new pixie cut. Her appointment had already been made.
“Hey, Riley, what’s up?”

Unknown said...

OK here's my 100-flash
Thanks for having these Suzie, they are great fun!

Just my luck, a perfect fit.

Lucinda tugged at my shirt, willing me to say yes with her saucer shaped sea-green eyes, and the fine cake crumb ruminants in the corner of her 5yo pixie mouth just added to her cuteness.

“Oh!” exclaimed the over eager, commission hungry, assistant, “Very pretty.”

Lucinda won.
She knew it.
The store assistant knew it.
My credit card knew it.

Lucinda pinched the sides of her new dress before crinkling her freckled nose and doing a small curtsy.

“How much?” I said knowing my ‘be firm’ resolution would have to start anew

Alexia Chantel said...

I do believe all your NA interviews are going to get me to try out this sub genre!

Throwing my hat in the ring:

“Let us start anew.” The deep cultured voice came from behind.

The fine hairs on my arms stood on end, my blood pounded painfully. Damn my stupidity for leaving my flatmates behind and these four inch heels. Luck was not on my side.

New designer shoes scuffed the cobblestones, stopping before me. I looked up into eyes of deep gold. His perfect lips smiled, I licked my own lips, imagining what he would taste like.

“Dainty like a pixie, yet full of fire. Perfect.” His fingers slid through my silver white hair.

Without my wards...I am at his mercy.

Abrielle Sarah Fuerst said...

I learned early on that the ones who play it honest get punched in the gut.

Don’t serve tequila to a lady. Jimmy, yes this hurts like hell and a one-night stand is long enough to break a woman’s heart.

Want to laugh at me? Because you kept my spare key and I didn’t put new locks up.

Fine words and I’ve betrayed myself. I’m lying through my teeth. Selling pixie dust.

I’m the black jack. Broken cardsharp.

Well, I’ve taught luck a thing or two about dealing my cards. Want to play anew, boy? You’re not bold enough.