Contest Winners

We had 25 Entries this time! Thanks to everyone who entered!

And congrats to the winners!

Best Last Line
Wendy Hedrick @ 10:44 PM

Most Creative
ifeomadennis @11:51 PM

Best Tone
Lee @ 2:50 AM

Best Worldbuilding
Ambiguous_A @ 10:19 PM

Best Paranormal Hero
Jocelynfrentz @ 2:50 PM

Best Opening
Nikola Vukoja @ 7:29 PM

Runners Up
Melissa @ 12:34 AM


Abrielle1 @ 2:55 AM

And the winner is...


I have a supernatural stomach.

My mother told me that once, after she chastised me under the magnolia trees for gobbling up my entire birthday cake when I was five. She said I looked like a bowling ball on twigs.

I still do. It’s kind of hot. Or not.

Today’s a new day. I'll be the queen of quaff, the guru of gorge, a devouring diva in a pastime as American as assault rifles and apple pie. I’m going to win. My belly will be my meal ticket. Have hot dogs, will swallow.

The first bite is always the hardest.

Congrats Saraland. Shoot me an email and collect your prizes!

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heycatharsis said...

I'm squeeeingggg! This is my first time winning anything, even if it wasn't the ultimate prize :D

Thanks for hosting this fun contest!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

That is so good! How interesting. Congratulations!

leegomez said...

Thanks a bunch, Suzie, and congrats to the winners! :)).

Unknown said...

Thanks Suzie,

I was really surprised to be mentioned, but thrilled -- so, does this count as a writing credit -- wait don't answer that, it is now! :)