Congrats to the Winners

We got 28 Entries and it was awesome but tough to go through and pick a winner.

Some honorable mentions are:

Best Description
Megan @ 10:45 am

Best nod to John Green
Matthew Masucci @ 2:53pm
(bonus points for the turducken reference)

Best Secret Addiction--Origami
Ambiguous-A @ 4:37pm

Best Twist
MFGoddard @ 10:04am

Best Fairytale
R.Lynn @ 1:05 pm

Best Use of "New Leaf"
Aaron Cole @ 6:37 am

Best Poem
HD Elliott @ 9:46 pm

Best Voice
Arwen @ 11:57 pm

Best New Adult Entry
trfloyd @ 11:30 am

The Runner-up is
abrielle1 @ 1:55pm

And the winner is...

Leigh Michael
His emerald-green eyes dim before closing. I curse myself for being too late. With one hand, I brush my hair from my face. With the other, I gently lay his head on the sterile floor of our lab. 

He was my addiction. We were like ravens in more ways than one: devoted scavengers, mated to each other and our work. They took his life and fled, acting much like ravens themselves: opportunistic. Our secrets have been stolen; the future of science is in the hands of the unjust. Now I seek revenge for him, for us. It’s my new addiction.

Congrats Leigh Michael. Shoot me an email and collect your prizes!

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Matthew Masucci said...

Thanks for the nod and great contest. I love these kinds of exercises because you really have to make each word count. Makes me think about revision.

Jennifer Walsh said...

Wahoo! Thank you for enjoying my short story, Suzie. I just shot you an email :)

Abrielle Sarah Fuerst said...

Thanks for the contest :)