! Back from RWA -- With Winners!

I was at RWA last week and have been desperately trying to catch up with everything I missed while I was out of the office.

Now that I'm (mostly) caught up, I have winners for you!

We had 24 entries and they were all pretty fabulous. I had a tough time picking the winner, but here were the major contenders!

Best Pixie Haircut
rebekahfaubionbooks @ 7:00 pm

Best Dialogue
ReedWrites @ 9:49 pm

Best Last Line
Ambiguous_A @ 1:13 pm

Best Parenting
rosie.pova @ 11:15 pm

Best Prose
Alexia Chantel @ 10:48

Best Voice
Vanessa Shields @ 12:29 pm

Most Creative
Melissa @ 10:24 pm

And the winner is...

Shannon Renee

I’ve daydreamed about my first time a million times. Each fantasy has breathtaking scenery, dialogue that is dripping with romance and I’m utterly brilliant in the sack.

The reality of sleeping with Ethan isn’t as I imaged, but that’s fine. Better than fine.

New and unexpected emotions leave my voice rough and my thoughts scattered. I say the same word over and over again.

Who knew, “Yes” was my favorite word?

He tastes like a blue pixie stick, and is voice quivers when he tells me he loves me. It’s not luck that sends me over the edge, shaking anew.

Congrats Shannon. Shoot me an email and I'll get you a copy of Anew and critique your query or pages!

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1 comment:

Alexia Chantel said...

Thanks for the fun contests! Having to come up with an idea using certain words can be tricky, but it has also sparked some great story ideas.
Makes me rub my hands together in glee...though I am guessing not as much as you did at RWA!