Query Roundup 4/7

A little late with my queries this week--I blame it on going to the Bologna Book Fair. I had so much work to catch up on in the office this week. (But I was in Italy, so I can't complain!)

I received 323 queries.

I requested 5 manuscripts
Women's Fiction: great premise!
Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
YA Urban Fantasy

I passed on 3 manuscripts that I wanted to request:

Historical romance: I have been reading Lisa Kleypas and have thus been really into historical romance. I'd love to find some more good ones in my queries. But I have to admit...I don't want the hero or heroine to be a ghost.
YA Time Travel: The main character was 19 and at first it sounded like an awesome contemporary romance, but it was time travel instead. I've just read too much of that lately and it didn't sound different enough.
YA Contemporary: It was written in verse which just isn't my forte.

I passed manuscripts to colleagues because it seemed good but not right for me for whatever reason.
YA Southern Gothic
Adult Science Fiction

On my Spring/Summer 2013 Wishlist:
Literary Middle Grade
YA that I haven't seen before
YA that will make me swoon
Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance

And of course, anything that's awesome!

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V. N. said...

Have you ever read Elizabeth Chadwick? Her books are historical fiction with romance featuring heavily (but I wouldn't call them historical romance).

Unknown said...

I have not. I'll have to add her to my list!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this look into the numbers behind the name. As an aspiring author it is great to get a glimpse behind the curtain, so-to-speak. I can't imagine having that kind of workload (and each week, no less)!

I stumbled across your blog by accident, but I'll be an avid reader from now on!