Happy Release Day!

JJ Howard's fantastic contemporary young adult novel, That Time I Joined the Circus, is officially out in the wild today!

Now first can I just say that this cover speaks to my heart (which is a 15-year-old girl). I can stare at it for a long time and just feel entranced.

Here's the important thing you should know. I actually had nothing to do with this book at all--so you have to believe me when I say it's amazing. Jen, the author, sold this book to Scholastic all by herself. After the editing was done and the book went into production she queried me with her next project. Which naturally I loved and then begged her to let me rep her.

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Lucas Darr said...

Cover win!

She has a nice butt, too.

But even with that, it's a great cover, way above the typical fare in artistry and design

Unknown said...

The cover is breath taking.

I read the blurb and I'd love to read it as soon as I find some more time. :)

Congrats for your client's release even if it's not a book you pitched to publishers.

Kimberlee Turley said...

I've already got it on my Kindle, but I'm afraid to start reading it until the weekend because I don't want to get interrupted once I start.

Unknown said...

The cover alone makes me want to read more. Congrats to J.J. Howard! :)