Query Roundup 2/15

I'm pretty sure there was something in the water this week...

I had 221 queries in my inbox.

I requested 11 manuscripts.

YA Contemporary
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction
Romantic Suspense
LGBT Fiction
YA Paranormal
MG Steampunk
MG Contemporary
YA Science Fiction
YA Fantasy
New Adult Romance

I loved the concept, but not the pages of 2 manuscripts.

Women's Fiction

And at 2:56 pm I'm finished!

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HollyD. said...

Inquisitive minds, okay my nosy one, wondered if the pages you didn't like were from sample pages or from fulls you requested.

Sara Rayne said...

I noticed you requested a YA paranormal. I've been under the impression that the "market is flooded" with YA paranormal and no one (publisher-wise) is buying it anymore. What made this MS stick out enough to you to request something that seems like such a hard sell? Or do you disagree that YA paranormal is "over"?

Unknown said...

Violet, these roundups are just based on my queries. So they're pages that were included with the query. My interest was piqued and I read the sample pages but ultimately they didn't hold my interest.

Unknown said...

Ms. Snip, so it is sort of over but every once in a while I see something that I'm willing to request because it feels different enough.