Query Roundup 1/11


Queries were cleaned out by 6:39 pm on 1/11/2013. I answered queries in my apartment to the backdrop of someone singing opera in the building next door. It was quite relaxing.

Total queries in the inbox: 151

Manuscripts I requested: 6 manuscripts
a dark crime thriller
a historical romance
a YA fantasy
a YA mystery
a really awesome MG
adult paranormal

(Either I was really easy to please today or my queries this week were amazingly good!)

There were 3 manuscripts I hesitated to pass on but ultimately did.
a romantic comedy with a great premise
a speculative thriller with a unique and interesting premise
a new adult contemporary with a cool premise

I ultimately passed on all three of these because the writing just didn't seem ready for submission.

In terms of what I've been seeing a lot of: mind readers. In all genres and as a plot point or just a character trait. I've been seeing a lot of mind reading or psychic characters.

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