Happy Release Day!


Confession: Kristin Halbrook didn't query me. I stole her from Joanna Volpe.

Kristin was my second client. I wasn't even officially accepting queries when I read her novel, but thankfully Joanna read her novel and knew it was something I would love. (She knows me well). She pointed Kristin in my direction. I read her manuscript overnight and offered immediately (after getting my boss's approval).

I was beyond excited when Kristin signed with me. She is a beautiful writer, and I couldn't be more excited about this fabulous book. Nobody But Us made me sob more than once. It's the kind of book that will grab a hold of your heart and refuse to let go.

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Unknown said...

Hello, kindle read for the week!

JoSVolpe said...


This one had me sobbing. I loved it.

Sally Hepworth said...

I want to read this. Is it out in Australia? Love a tear jerker.

Unknown said...

Yayy! :D
*thorws confetti*