Query Roundup 10/26


I was a little late with my queries and didn't get them finished up until 11:57 pm on Saturday 10/27.

I had 181 queries in my inbox.

A lot of historical queries this time--historical YA, historical adult, historical middle grade. It wasn't exactly more than other genres but more than I seem to typically get!

I requested 3 manuscripts.

MG part X-Files part Encyclopedia Brown with great writing.
YA Fantasy, Graceling meets Game of Thrones.
Adult historical romance with pirates!

I regretfully passed on 1 manuscript.

YA Thriller--It sounded interesting and the writing was good, but it just felt too similar to a few things on my list already.

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Megan Hand said...

Phew, a 181 in one day! Go you! And romance with pirates? That's sounds like fun :)

katie said...

so, "i'm regretfully going to pass" is not the standard rejection? i'm new to this (obviously).

Katie Bucklein said...

Oh, a Graceling meets Game of Thrones. If you do end up signing it, does that mean you won't be looking for one anymore? (Or any more?)

Unknown said...

My form rejection does say "I'm regretfully going to pass"--and that's true. I go into every query hoping it's something that's going to grab me. The projects I mention here as regretful passes are the ones that stood out even more.

If I end up signing a YA Graceling meets Game of Thrones I wouldn't want another one if it was too similar. There's certainly the option that maybe I would find one that's different enough that it wouldn't be an issue. I just don't want to be pitching two manuscripts to the same editors. But I'll keep my wishlist updated.