Query Roundup 10/19

It's 4 pm on Friday, 10/19/2012 and I've finished reading my queries.

I had 180 queries this week--a lot of fantasy in the inbox this week.

I requested 2 manuscripts

YA steampunk that sounds awesome.
Contemporary New Adult, clearly it sounds amazing.

I regretted but had to pass on 1 manuscripts.

YA fantasy. Great query and comp titles, but the writing just didn't seem there.

Now I know this seems a little light for me. I've been noticing lately that I think the quality of my queries has gone up. On one hand this is awesome. On the other it makes it a little harder for people querying me to stand out. Because the truth is I can't represent everything that I think is awesome--I can't even read everything that I think is awesome because I don't have the time.

Queries and reading requested material is barely 10% of what I do. And trust me, no one would want me for an agent if it was more than that. But that means I have to be selective with my time, and if the quality is going up it means I might have to be even more selective.

That means if you're querying, really make sure your first pages are stellar. That's what's going to make me need to read more--and probably other agents too.

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S. D. Grimm said...

Thanks for the advice, Suzie. I needed this today. I've been looking at my beginning pages again recently because ... well, to be honest, I want to hook one of my top ten agents.

Janet Johnson said...

The stats always amaze me. 2/180. Wow! But we query to beat the odds, don't we? As always, thanks for sharing!

Erin Kane Spock said...

This helped me put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I really love reading your query reports. Just out of curiosity - as you receive a huge amount of queries, would the manuscript you regretfully pass receive a form rejection or a personalized one?

Mike Koch - Protect The Risen said...

I wonder what has fueled the interest to write fantasy or is that common for you to see?

Joan Y. Edwards said...

Dear Suzie,
I tagged you on my blog for having a fun, inspirational, and enlightening blog.

Here is a link to the blog post:

You are under no obligation to play. I hope you will. Thanks for always giving us great information about queries and publication.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards