Happy Release Day!

Ingrid Paulson's debut novel, Valkyrie Rising, is out today.

When I first read this manuscript, Ingrid had an agent who was leaving agenting. He sent the manuscript to me, hoping I'd like it and would take it on. I loved it.

The top three things I loved about it:

1. The concept: it's an urban fantasy based in Norse mythology, something I hadn't seen before, and it was executed so well.

2. Ellie: She's a fabulous main character. She's sweet but also strong, and she steps up and comes into her own during the course of the manuscript.

3. The romance: It's one of the most swoonworthy romances, I've ever read. So realistic, so sweet, and so amazing. 

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Amanda said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it!

JessWiz said...

Go, Ingrid! I was lucky enough to win and read a pre-pub copy, and I truly enjoyed the story and characters. I love how she's portrayed the Valkyries as so tempting, powerful, and dangerous. I'm looking forward to reading more stories from this reality she's created!

Reader said...

I really like the cover art. It reminds me of the new covers on Kenneth Oppell's book This Dark Endeavour, etc.

Congratulations Ingrid.


Unknown said...
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