Requested Material Update

Since a number of people have mentioned they like the query updates, here's one on my requested material.

The good news is fourth of July weekend really helped me get caught up. Right now I have 9 manuscripts in my requested queue. (This is way better than the 32 that were in there before fourth of July).

But the date range on the requested material in my email varies. Sometimes I read a manuscript and it requires some thought or maybe I want the chance to read it again. Once I've requested something I really want to give it the thought it deserves.

One question I hear is how often does a request turn into an offer of representation? The short answer is it depends. Sometimes I'll go weeks or even months and not offer on anything, and sometimes I offer on two projects in one week!

But here are some concrete numbers:

So far in 2012 I've offered on 6 manuscripts.

Of those

Every single one came to me through a query in my slush pile.

5 of these manuscripts was for a debut novel.

1 was by a writer I also met at a conference.

A current client had mentioned of those manuscripts to me, as a "wow I really liked this and think you will too."

1 was by an author who had previously submitted an earlier manuscript to me.

1 was referred to me through someone else in the industry.

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Tom M Franklin said...

As a slush pile querier, Thank You for these insights into your experiences on your side of the monitor. All too many time it feels like we are sending queries into the deep, dark pit of unfeeling rejection. It means a lot to see what catches a specific agent's attention, what doesn't, any why.

You're a much appreciated beacon on this side of the monitor.

Unknown said...

It's great to know you find gems in the slush pile. Thanks for the info. :-)

Karen Baldwin said...

You may not make offers on all queries, but you offer hope. That's what we writers hang on.

Monika Pardon said...

For me, it gives me slight hope that maybe you might actually like my work.

Jeanmarie Anaya said...

So there really is a way out of the slush pile? LOL Thanks for the post, Suzie. It's inspiring to see agents helping so many debut authors succeed.