Balthazar Winner!


First, thank you to everyone who entered for your patience. These past few weeks have been wonderfully busy, especially with the Bologna Book Fair going on right now (so jealous that I'm in the office in NY!).

Also this was a tough one! As I read the entries, twice I though I had found my favorite only to be surprised when I read another story that topped it. I ended up reading four of the entries more than once in order to determine who should be the winner.

But without further delay, here are the results for the contest!

I wish I was watching this TV show!
Rachel Schieffelbein at 4:50 pm

Worst Camping Experience! (but also a great twist)
Michel King at 1:33 pm

Ending that Made me Laugh!
Tobi Summers at 10:07 am

Best Revenge
DK Whisman at 5:30 pm

Best Vampire Metaphor
Kayeleen Hamblin at 7:20 pm

Best Mosquito Story
brian_ohio at 2:47 pm

Best Story about a Writer
Nitish Raina at 2:09 pm

Best Voice AND Best Ending
kmz at 3:10 am

Best Paranormal
jaybird at 11:28 am

Best Description
Adam Gaylord at 7:34 pm

Best Personification of Death
Anami at 5:25 pm

Best Vampire and Runner Up

I know what you think of me—all your books and shows about vampires. You fear me—the evil undead hiding in the darkness—but you thirst for me as much as I thirst for you. In your forbidden dreams, you want to be my prey. You want me to trail my fingers along your skin, to feel your pulse beneath my tongue, and you want me to choose love over death.

For one breath, I will play the man who merely craves companionship—an illusion to be shattered by eternal truth: I am, and will always be, the predator.

And the winner is...


Ashley said...
It was the eternal stench of burnt pancakes that could raise even the most lax Waffle House cook from death that woke me up that Saturday morning. For the love of God, couldn’t I sleep in just this once? With midterms over with, spring break stretched before me with a fat promise of late nights and even later mornings---preferably stretching into the afternoons. Whatever evil had prompted Mom to manage breakfast this morning, he should’ve met Mr Pointy with a quick end through the heart, Buffy the Vampire Slayer-style. No, that would’ve been too polite.

Congratulations Ashley. I love the voice in this entry! Shoot me a quick email with your address, and I'll send you a copy of Balthazar by Claudia Gray!

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Adam Gaylord said...

Congrats Ashley, you paint one heck of a picture in less than 100 words. And thank you to Suzi for the love on my post! Best Description rocks!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Ashley's was one of my favorites, too. It's such an easy situation to relate to.

Thanks for the mention!

Rachel said...

Wow! They are both great. I loved the depth of darkness Randi's showed. Good job!

jaybird said...

Congrats on the W Ashley! I particularly loved the Buffy reference.

And, thank you Suzie for the Best Paranormal mention!

kmz said...

I am slightly thrown askew by the fact my little one got a mention. Thanks, Suzie!

Congrats, Ashley! Yours certainly stood out to me when I read it. Enjoy reading!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Congratulations Ashley! Very well done. :)
Thanks for the mention, Suzie!

Erin Kane Spock said...

What a great submission. I will forever think of wooden stakes as Mr. Pointy.

Joy Johnson said...

That sounds like the beginnings of a good book. I especially like the first part about the burnt pancakes.
Joy Johnson