Adventures in Vancouver

Today didn't start out so well. I woke up at 3:30 am, which is always a bad sign. I walked both by dogs and then took a car to Newark airport. My driver wasn't exactly awesome (we had a few moments I was sure we were going to die), but we made it there in 27 minutes (a new record, I think). Check in went okay, but the woman who took my bag had a terrible disposition (not that I can really blame her, who wants to work at 4:45 am or at Newark), and then some random guy in the airport asked me for money on my way to security.

But it got better. Way better.

I saw this fabulous book in the airport: 

Then I flew into Vancouver for the Surrey International Writers Conference. Air Canada had outlets so I could PLUG IN (so awesome), and I discovered, Vancouver is a pretty awesome city.

Of course, there was the minor hiccup when I first arrived at my hotel in Surrey because George W and Bill were doing a Summit at my hotel, and I had to go through literally 12 checkpoints and show my passport and explain that "I was on the security approved list" before I finally made it.

But the lovely and talented Sheryl McFarlane picked me up in Surrey and took me back to Vancouver. And while I
     1. Love NY
     2. Don't want to go anywhere colder
I found that I could see Vancouver being my kind of city.

So here are Sheryl's and my adventures in Vancouver told in pictures.

the view from the Granville Island public market

Where we saw some of the coolest local artists ever, including Michelle Vulama who paints on stone(!). I still can't get over how amazing she was. 

this bird watched me eat

these two did too

we parked under this tree at Stanley Park

and I've never been so awed by trees

we strolled through the park

until we got to the AQUARIUM!

where we saw fishes


sea anemones


sea otters!


and sea lions!

at Prospect Point, we checked out the views

(that's the North Shore)

we checked out the anthropology museum

specifically it's backyard (WOW!)

And then I finished off the night with some awesome sushi, and thankfully the Summit (and protestors) departed from my hotel in Surrey. It was a fabulous day.

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Dr. Cheryl Carvajal said...

Vancouver is lovely! I love their First Nation art, too.

You make me miss Seattle... not a bad drive up to Vancouver, though one can also take a ferry up.

MAGolla said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. It brings back memories from ...*mumble, mumble* almost 30 years ago when I was there with my mom. BTW, Mom is 90 now, doing well, but traveling is off her radar, though I'm sure she would pack to head to Canada again!

Jaime Morrow said...
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takroc said...

Glad you liked Vancouver. I moved here 6 months ago and I'm never going back to Ontario.


R F Long said...

Well now I have a new place to add to my list of places to go. Anthropolgy museum you say... hm...

Maybe I could call it research???

Rebecca B said...

Sea otters are my favorite. So jealous!

Melissa Alexander said...

Somewhere colder? NY & New Jersey are wayyyyy colder than Vancouver. Vancouver's temps are much like Seattle -- winter temps in the 40s, mostly. Above freezing. Not much snow.

Now rainier, definitely....

TirzahLaughs said...

The water shots are so gorgeous.

Cold--? I don't do cold if I can avoid it.


jjdebenedictis said...

It's cool to see my city through someone else's eyes (and enthusiasm.) Glad you enjoyed it!

And I'm glad you got some good weather, because you won't see the sun again this weekend...

Jaime Morrow: Compared to New York? Vancouver probably doesn't seem so expensive to live in. :) (Although neither city compares to Geneva. I've heard a $100,000 salary makes you middle class, there.)

Shari Green said...

Great photos! Vancouver's beautiful (but I'm a small town girl, so now I live on Vancouver Island, which is also a beautiful place!). Glad you enjoyed your day. :)

Erin Latimer said...

I'm with Shari. I live on Van Island as well. The traffic here is less terrifying, and it's still beautiful. But Vancouver has Ikea...hmmm.