Yet Another Update on First Page Shooter

Hello All--Joanna here!

I haven't yet expressed how excited I am about doing First Page Shooter--not only will this be a fun series to work on, but I hope, also a useful tool for writers.  Suzie and I have both already dived in and started reading.

And while I appreciate that most of you are equally excited, I would like to point out one thing: we are doing this in our free time. So while your suggestions for us to produce even more for the series are great, please understand that in doing so, First Page Shooter would become a full-time job.  And both Suzie and I already have one of those.

Suzie's first First Page will be up soon!

Me = stoked

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Jodi R. said...

Us = superstoked

You guys are awesome - whatever you can provide we will be thrilled with - it's all gravy!
Jodi R.

Lindsay Smith said...

That you guys were willing to offer this at all is hugely impressive and amazing. I don't know where you find the time to critique anything outside of your day jobs! Maybe other agents and authors and editors will be inspired to follow suit so they can share the load.

Josin L. McQuein said...

I'm amazed that you're able to offer features like this period. The opportunity for someone without an agent to get a feel for how an agent reads is priceless. Even reading your remarks on someone else's work will be helpful.

Thank you both for taking the time to do this.

Heidi said...

Mercy Buckets!

What a wonderful opportunity to understand what catches readers' attention :-)

Jason Kenney said...

Ha, I will say this:

You guys sure are giving us all a lesson on suspense! ;)

Thanks for doing this, looking forward to the critiques.

Christwriter said...

And I go glee, glee, glee ... and then scroll up a few more inches and realize that it's already been posted and my joyful anticipation is all for naught. Instantaneous gratification. Boo.

Ah, well. Thanks for giving us hopefuls another sandbox to play in. I promise I won't mess it up.

Really. Oh, hold on.


Matthew MacNish said...

It's all very exciting, but we'll be patient.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the first one up for critique, I think I goofed when I submitted my two by including the word count for the first pages and not the entire manuscripts! I didn't include the genre either, though from the context it's clear they're both historical fiction.

It'll be fun to see what other writers are doing in their own first pages. I hope there are some fellow historical fiction writers to critique.

Donea Lee said...

I just read Suzie's first one and so appreciated her indepth comments on 250 words.

I know the lucky ducks that will get your expert advice and attention will GREATLY appreciate your time. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to reading your first review! :)

Anna said...

I can't tell you how much I have learned from contests and critiques like this. Thank you for the time you are investing in your blog. It really helps!

lexcade said...

you guys are amazing, seriously. the fact that you're willing to critique pages in your spare time just shows us how amazing you are as agents. thanks for doing this.

Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

you guys have no idea how much we all appreciate this. you never even had to start this!!! take your time, and do what you want. you do have full time jobs, which is why we already know of you :) obviously we all think you're awesome (the fact you're now doing this kinda proves that for the non-believer)

Write Life said...

I've only just discovered the 'first page shooter' - now I'll have to work out if I'm brave enough to participate!
So incredibly generous of all you and I love the way you've laid it out...very easy to follow! You guys are superstars!