Hannah Moskowitz's sophomore novel is out April 19th! But I have an early copy here for someone!

Here's what you've have to do.

Write a story, one hundred words or fewer, using these words:


Bonus Points if you use the phrase "I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer"

Contest open internationally. It starts NOW, and runs through midnight Friday April 8th. Post your entry in the comments section.

Enter as many times as you want.

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Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

are sun and family supposed to be two words? or is it one word like it's displayed? SunFamily?

Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

and yey for Hannah! her book comes out on my birthday!!

hoping sun and family are two words for the contest:

It was the beach where I’d had sex for the first time. I was seventeen and we weren’t in love. I think the worst part was that we both knew it. I walked home, alone, and found sand in places I didn’t even know I’d had. When I stayed in my room for a million days, my family assumed I’d gotten too much sun. An entire week passed before I crawled out of bed to find Wes at my doorstep. It was with him that I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Matthew MacNish said...

I've never heard of the word SunFamily, but it sounds awesome!

Josh said...

I love supporting new authors, and I love writing contests. Here goes.

I never liked the beach before that day. The sun burned me. Family time never amounted to much more than bruises of body and heart. Attractive people running around chasing sex turned my stomach. I never thought I'd love. She changed everything. I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer, golden and untouchable, captured in her eyes like a fly in amber.

Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

another try:

I moved north to avoid things like; the Summer, the beach, the sun…my family. They’re always saying, ‘We'd love to see you.’ I don’t have the heart to say, ‘I’d rather slam my hand in a car door.’
When they ask me ‘How’s life?’ I answer, ‘Sex, drugs, recovery.’ They laugh. Two of the three are true.
There was too much heat down south. Up north, I found eternal winter…until Shelly arrived. She pushed me in ways I’d never imagined. With her, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer…one which I would never escape from.

KimberlyFDR said...

My family kept bugging me to stop wasting my time at the beach everyday. They'd rather I spend more time with them, but I had a mission. Before my senior year of high school started, I was determined to make Hank Cooper fall in love with me. While my friends were well-versed in dating and sex, I was still trying to make the boy of my dreams notice the geeky girl who sat behind him in English class. As the sun burned down, watching Hank catch another wave, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Kym Roberts said...

The SunFamily. Also known as beach dwellers who do everything in the surf and sand. They live and love on the beach, have sex in the ocean, and know the true meaning of Aloha. It’d been my dream to become a member of this carefree society. To become singular with the earth and everything it has to offer. To leave the tension and technology of life on the mainland behind. Last year I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer as I surfed the fierce waters off Kaua’i’s North shore. The island and I are now one.

Tom M Franklin said...

I FINALLY looked at the beach. I'd been there with my family for two days and while they might have fun in the sun, I knew better. I had LEARNED THAT WITHIN ME THERE LAY more than just love, more than just sex. There was something INVINCIBLE that not even the baking heat of SUMMER could release.

-- Tom

Sarah Goldberg said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, Invincible Summer!

E said...

I just finished this book. Loved it!...Entertaining, thought provoking and raw.


Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I have to ask-- The cover, is it of a girl laying on her stomach or on her back?

suzie townsend said...

She's on her back.

Unknown said...

I'm not really a beach person. The sun and the sand and the combo of family together time is enough to make me mentally vomit. No, I'm not anti-family. I'm anti-Lifetime Movie Moment. My teenage brain is only wired for sex and video games, and since I'm only 15, I only have access to one of those two.

That was until our annual summer family trip to Myrtle Beach, SC turned I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer. Right next door to our beach house, a Hannah Montana look alike was staying there.

Perfect timing, I just started growing facial hair.

Unknown said...

Its amazing how one moment in your life can leave you breathless and speechless at the same time.

My family carries secrets that are heavy like wet sand on a beach after a thunderstorm.

I always wanted to know why I stood outside the circumference of my father's approval. I longed to be held within the sun of his love, trying to find my place in his kingdom.

He always treated my older brother, Daniel, and younger sister, Irene with such tender grace. Jealousy would always tinge my vocabulary when I insulted them.

Then everything changed the Summer of 2010 when I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

I found out that I wasn't human.

And my real father....now there lies the rub.

Penelope Wright said...
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Penelope Wright said...

“And that’s how I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” I snapped the book shut. “OK, time for your meds.”

Groans erupted from the teenagers sprawled on the beach. “One more,” Clay wheedled.

“Yeah, something with some sex!” piped Laurie, batting her eyes at Clay.

Clay’s face was so lit with interest, he could have been the sun.

“Yeah, your family would love that. Kinda counterproductive, don’t you think?” My trainer nudged me and angled his head at Laurie. “Not everybody here’s addicted to *drugs*. Might want to keep those two separated on the way back.”

Kym Roberts said...

My family was born to the beach. Literally. A young couple flirted in the hot afternoon sun. Shared a wave and laughed freely. Sex had been slow and painstakingly beautiful under the rising moon’s reflection in the sand. Vow’s shared with joyous exhilaration. Each child raised from the purity of their relationship. Taught love for life and respect for the world we inherited. My parents lived for us. Loved for each other. Appreciated the gifts they’d been given. And now as I see him across the beach, I realize, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Kym Roberts said...

Suzie-I love your blog. I've never done a writing contest like this, just because my time is limited. But after I saw the book and read the challenge, my mind has not stopped! I've found this to be a great writing exercise. And have no doubt everyone else has too. Thank you.


Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

another try....

I think I’m allergic to the sun. Every time I walk outside, I sneeze and get weird looks from everyone. This typically leads to becoming a recluse, playing video games and in need of sex, though I’d settle a nice cuddle, or any other form of physical contact.

Everyone else in my family is a day-walker; they receive the sunlight, are beautifully tan, they meet people, fall in love, fall in friendships. Me… I’m waiting to finally learn that within me there lay an invincible summer. Maybe I don’t need the beach to be beautiful, maybe I just need me.

Sheila JG said...

This was hard, but here we go, exactly 100 words:

I felt the sand slip between my toes and sighed. I missed this almost as much as I missed my family. “I’m not allowed on the beach,” I told my guard.

“I know. I won’t tell, Highness.”

“Too late,” I nodded at the sentries on the ridge. “You’ll be fired.”

He shrugged. “I have other . . . opportunities.”

I’d miss him, his playful jests. I closed my eyes, loving the sun’s embrace. “How can I thank you.”


I laughed. “You wish.” I leaned in and kissed him. “You can brag about that, though.”

“I thawed the ice princess.”

jen said...

Sex, sex, sex. It was all sex. In between the sun and the beach, which I love, there was sex. Too much sex, to be honest. (I know, like that’s even possible? It is.) Because I want a family. Because I’ve always wanted to name my child after my favorite season.

And when that faint pink line showed up, finally, after eleven months of trying, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible Summer.

Kay Elam Writes said...

We napped between the dunes, covered in sand, scorched from the sun. We hadn’t meant to have sex, well not all the way. I’d promised my family we’d wait, but it just happened . . . and it can’t be undone. At least we’re in love. The sounds from the beach, only footsteps away, brought me back to the moment. I guess I’m a woman now. I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Melissa Peagler said...

The sun was burning down on their skin as Suzie and Meredith trudged through the hot sand on their way to the beach. They were both lugging around four new manuscripts of which only one they were bound to love about sex and family secrets. Suzie pointed towards their chairs already set up with a blue umbrella overhead.
“I see the chair guy likes you.” Meredith teased Suzie.
“I guess I just can’t turn my sexy off” Suzie laughed as she through her beach bag on the chair.
That was the day that Suzie realized that within her lay an invincible summer.

Super Happy Jen said...

I lie naked on the unending beach, if I can still call it a beach. The water has dried up. There will be no more sex on an oversized towel, no more family picnics by the shore. The cooling of the sun has left everything lifeless. I think back a hundred years, when I discovered my immortality, when I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. Now everyone I love has turned to dust. I knew it would happen one day, prepared myself for the loneliness. All I feel is the bitter cold of a dead planet.

Barbara said...

The sun beats down on my makeshift beach, warming my naked body, blotting out thoughts of my kids learning to add and subtract double integers while live-ins Mom, Dad, Grams, and Great Aunt Annie board their Alaska-bound ship on the family cruise I arranged like a sneak.

The garage door goes up. My heart flutters. At 10:30 in the A.M., the man I love and adore–the man with whom I haven’t had sex for three months–has no idea I have finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Alex said...

Sometimes, if you want to prevent something worse from happening to someone else, you can’t be afraid to let something bad happen to you.

Under the sun, on the beach, we had sex but she showed me love.

Then out in the cold sand, past the lights shining on the family vacationers on the boardwalk, love showed me the courage not to be afraid. With three broken ribs and a nose, that’s how I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. Together we both lost something, what I lost was fear.

Marie Rearden said...

Birdie point-point-pointed at the plastic turtle. A pool yesterday, hiding place the day before, but now, sand overflowed onto the lawn.

“A beach, Momma! We’s the family, and Dad’s the sun.”

My stomach twisted. “But Dad’s not home.” He’s off having luxurious sex with Bimbo Number Five at a real beach with real sand and real cocktails.

“What’s luftgeriust, Momma?”

“Oh! I didn’t…it’s, well. It doesn’t matter. Daddy can be the sun, but only if it’s about to set.” And no love yous or miss yous or it meant nothings will ever make it rise again.


Barbara said...

Five shovelsful of sand from the twins’ plastic box and a full kiddy pool do not a beach make, but I lie under the Cleveland sun naked.

I smile as the caregiver-daughter and popular pediatrician and sex-starved mother chatter in my head like a family of monkeys.

At 10:30 in the A.M., the garage door rolls up. My heart flutters. I slather the last of the Chanel body lotion above my hard breasts.

The man I love has no idea I have finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Barbara said...

Fijords of Reykjvik in January.

What more perfect, logical spot for the Annual Convention of Albino Vampires?

No sun. No beach. No lure for the family contingency.

What better place for sex? (And maybe love?). What more idyllic spot to persuade my newly bitten countess that I have finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer?

karen yuan said...

Every cold and blistering night I regret coming here. NYC: I can say it ghetto with the sun glinting off stolen Ray-bans and a penny circus clinking in my pockets, but no one’s ever told me those letters rhyme with ‘shithole’ too. Because in the night, the vapor from my breath drifts around the bed like ghosts from too long ago—from that beach, where all I had to care about was sun and sex and sweat and skin-love.

You’re here to make a future for the family, Ryan. It’s summer versus winter, past versus future. Soldier on, weary youth.

Unknown said...

I craved warmth. The sweet burn of the sun. My wasted search for love and family left the cold as my constant companion. Along with him.

He watched me cook and spoke of sex. What he wanted was violence. No longer would I allow him either. He spun fantasies from my nightmares and missed the secret ingredient.

I didn’t bask in the success of his prone body, just followed my gut out the door.

Lazy beach days were a long way off, but fleeing my cage I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. That was enough.

Bruce Thole said...

As soon as the two girls parked it on the stoop Sam shouted, “Karen is such a beach!”
“A beach?”
Jen grinned and Sam knew immediately she was about to spew forth something to annoy her.
“Meaning she lets scores of crispy sun people have sex on her?
“Uh, my family doesn’t swear,” Sam shot back. “She constantly recites that movie line.”
“I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer?”
Sam glared in response.
“Awe, is someone butt hurt because their true love dumped them during the movie?”
“Kyle?” she laughed. “Kyle is such a beach.”

Alex said...

“I’m a ten foot hotdog with a Pulitzer prize, I’m sex on the beach, I’m…”

“You’re A big cocky rooster puffing his feathers at sun rise.”

Yes! Exactly!...Wait what?”

“Take your inflated ego and love yourself else ware I’m working. Now run along you big dumb rooster and cockle doodoodlefuckyourself.”

Bored, deflated, Nick kicks at the sand. “This is a family vacation Sis, there’s no need for that kind of…” The girl in the yellow bikini with the skimboard sashays past catching Nick’s eye, “For that kind of fucking, language, fuck yourself kindly.” Calls Nick, dashing after her in delight.

Barbara said...

We lay on the desolate beach. The sun was shining. A family of porpoises frolicked nearby.

I ran a finger down her spine.

She grunted but kept her head turned away.

A wave crashed onto the sand.

“Know what, Love?” I whispered.

Another grunt.

“Yesterday, while you were handling the car-rental problems, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

A gargling sound erupted from her throat. She sat up, eyes slits.

My hand dropped from her back.

“Forget sex.” She rose and walked into the sea like a mermaid returning to the bottom of the ocean.

Barbara said...

I reach the last line of the book, pause, glance at my sixteen-year-old daughter, home in bed with the flu, and read, “I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

“What kind of stupid ending is that?” My daughter rolls her eyes. “All that mushy talk about love, long walks on the beach, then no sex?”

I close the book. “Did you and I swim in the same gene pool?”

“Uh-huh. We both worship the sun.” She makes a face, then blows me a kiss. “And you’re stuck with me, Mom . . . through thick and thin. We’re family.”

abrielle1 said...

How callously the beach hissed beneath her back, crinkling like shorn skirts and grating against raw flesh. The pale outline of her sex shown horribly in the sun’s light, bruised and swollen.
The knife glinted pale and cold; the scars he dealt when he’d found it would mar her forever. She groped for the blade half-buried in wet sand, body trembling and aching with each breath. “I do not know love, yet I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Yes, she’d take her own life, and spare her family the shame of owning a raped daughter.

Taryn said...

The pool sits on the beach, but in Washington that never matters. If you expect the sun, go a few hundred miles south—at least, that’s what I’m doing as soon as my family lets me. That’s where I’ll finally find my invincible summer. The swimmers walk by me, pasty bodies contradicting skimpy bikinis and vanishing sex appeal. If they’re not pale, it’s worse, as they glow orange with artificial fake-n-bake.

The clouds above me waver, and for a moment, I almost believe they’ll break open with much-loved sunshine. Break open they do, but instead of light comes rain. Great.

sprunty said...

“I hate the beach,” he said before the Gin and Tonic passed his lips.

“How can anyone hate sun, sand, and surf?” Her body rocked back and forth in the patio chair bought for their first house.

“It’s the people; the family man dragging out bratty kids with enough crap to furnish a Big Lots. They don’t care one damn bit about the guy next to them trying to read.”

Sometimes she didn’t understand the opposite sex. She looked across their manicured lawn and the rose bushes starting to bloom.

“That’s the part I love,” she said.