Congrats to everyone who entered the INVINCIBLE SUMMER contest. They entries were awesome and I had so much fun reading them!!

The "You Know Exactly How I Feel" Entry:
hopejunkie @5:17 pm

Best use of the Camus quote: 
Jen @10:56 am

Best use of people from Suite 500:
Melissa Peagler @1:07 pm

Sad but Beautiful:
Super Happy Jen @1:31 pm

Most Creative use of my typo:
Kim Roberts @1:52 pm

Best Dialogue:
sprunty @11:57 pm

Best Teen Boy Voice:
N. Alexander @11:14 pm

Best Strong Woman:
Kelly @7:36  am

Darkest and Most Haunting Descriptions:
abrielle1 @3:29 pm

and the winner is...

It was the beach where I’d had sex for the first time. I was seventeen and we weren’t in love. I think the worst part was that we both knew it. I walked home, alone, and found sand in places I didn’t even know I’d had. When I stayed in my room for a million days, my family assumed I’d gotten too much sun. An entire week passed before I crawled out of bed to find Wes at my doorstep. It was with him that I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

I love how raw and real it feels, and the last line gave me chills!

Lynn(e) send me an email with your address, and I'll send you your copy of Invincible Summer!

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Julie C. said...

I really love that comment. Even with the short and sweet form of a comment, it really hits the emotion and pulls at certain emotions. Good job Lynn(e)!

Lynn(e) Schmidt said...

thank you guys!! i'm so excited!

Super Happy Jen said...

Thanks for the honourable mention.

And Congrats Lynn(e)

Unknown said...

Congrats Lynn(e)! Its so nice to be in the honorable mention with such talented writers. Be blessed!