Next Winner and more Pups!

This is Bolt.

Bolt belongs to Nikki.

This is Cody.  

Cody belongs to Monica.

And these two pups belong to Kerry and they wrote me,
PeeWee Stampfel-Volpe, my very first dog-to-dog email.
It was cool!

And today's winner of Bobbie Pyron's A DOG'S WAY HOME goes to...Nora Coon!
So everyone give a big woof! of congrats, okay??  And if you haven't bought the book to read to your doggie pal yet, what are you waiting for?? You can buy it here, here, or here. 

Come back this weekend to meet Black Dog, Henry, Freddy, Cooper and Buddy!  And also to find out who the THIRD winner of A DOG'S WAY HOME is!

Woof, woof!


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Unknown said...

Oh, hooray! Officially the best blog contest ever - cute dog pictures AND I get a fantastic book. My email address is nora.e.coon [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you so much!

Matthew MacNish said...

Thanks PeeWee! And congrats Nora!

Unknown said...

Aw! Such cute puppies...and PeeWee is just so generous :)

Bobbie Pyron said...

Love it, love it, love it!