Final Dog Days

Woof, woof Cats and Dogs.  We have the third and final winner of A DOG'S WAY HOME by Bobbie Pyron.  And don't forget, you can buy it here, here, or here. 

But first, meet more of our new friends!  You can read their original stories in the comments of this blog post titled Must Love Dogs.

This pup is named Buddy, and he's curled up with his kitten pal, Princess! 

And this is Buddy and Princess' other roommate, Cooper.  While Buddy watches over Princess, Cooper watches over the kids!  They all live with Christie Corbett and are very happy little animals. 

Here is Molly playing with a particularly tasty looking tennis ball.  If she ever visits NY, I hope she'll share with me!

This is Molly when she was a pup.  Geeez, moms can't wait to share the puppy mom does the same thing!  It's so embarrassing, but she says it's really cute. 

This is Molly and her mom, Ricki.  Bark for the camera!

Tasha Belle knows how to live.  I like a good nap, too!

Ronan here also goes by the alias The Ronanator.  Or maybe it's a pseudonym.  Can dogs be writers, too?

Black Dog here lives with Tirzah and these two pups, Freddy and Henry.

And guess what, guess what??  *pant, pant* Tirzah is the third winner of A DOG'S WAY HOME!!

I made a lot of good friends with this contest, and I have Bobbie Pyron to thank for it!  Mom always said that nothing brings people together like a good book, and I guess that applies to dogs, too.

Woof, woof!
PeeWee, signing out.

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TirzahLaughs said...

Ah sweet! BlackDog would haved loved winning. She died at the age of 17 in March. She was an amusing dog. Always barking and complaining. Like having bitter Granny on permanant PMS.


Toyin O. said...

Sounds like a good book, very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

Intangible Hearts said...

Adorable pictures. Love your blog!