More Hunger Games!

This is fabulous.

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David said...

I hope that music never makes it into any movie. It's funny, when we take away Kat's thoughts, and add the music, the scene becomes overly focused on the romantic aspect. At least in the novel there was that subtext which really made the scene sing. Without Kat's contradictory thoughts, it's a little too sickeningly sweet.

This is the difficult thing about screen adaptions, but then the workaround is to use more objective correlative. And it's still possible here. All they'd have to do is put a camera in the wall behind Peter and show Katniss studying it while she decides what to say. Then we'd get the idea that she's more calculated.

Then the scene would be fabulous. Otherwise, a little cheesy. It's hard to test chemistry when the scene is only a shell of itself. The real chemistry of the novel comes because his love is enough to pull her out her constant state of calculation. That is when people swoon. Otherwise, they look like two sappy teenagers who will use any reason to swap spit.

I know this isn't a finished product, but if I could send a message to it's maker, I'd say, Be careful, because as it stands, this is to The Hunger Games what Eragon's film adaption was to that novel. Both books were equally loved, and both movies kind of missed the idea. And while Eragon's film failed because of camera work, this looks to be on a collision course because it hasn't yet tackled the inner monologue, which is at the heart of The real Hunger Games.

Sarah Goldberg said...


It is NUTS (read: my mind is spinning) to see a film version of this, even though it's not the "real" one.

Even if this cut doesn't fully capture the scene in the book, as the previous commenter points out, it is definitely excellent publicity for whatever movie the production company is making.

And of course, it keeps all of the HG speculation going. So excited and terrified about how the film will turn out... but mostly excited.

Sheila JG said...

That made me tear up.

Damn. What the hell is wrong with me? I don't cry at that stuff. I don't. Do I? Damn.

Thanks for sharing.

Annie McElfresh said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I freaking love this. I really can't wait to see THE HUNGER GAMES.

Nichole Giles said...

For all that it's a screen test and an experiment, it's sure well done. Beautiful acting, and beautiful lighting. So excited for the real movie.

veela-valoom said...

I don't think of that music as romantic.

To me it's the "Someone just died on Lost music." I believed they used it more than once but it IMMEDIATELY brings to mind a scene that left me sobbing that took place in the Looking Glass station.

I'm right aren't I? And please tell me I'm not the only Lost fan who recognized it.

PS the scene was nice and all that. But I do find her wig and the music distracting.

PSS Us Losties will recognize anything. Be a warning to anyone who wants to reuse anything from Lost. We're obsessive.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! The quality of it is so unbelievably good and the chemistry, wow, I love it. I hope the real movie is just as good. :D

Kathleen Ortiz said...

"Someone just died on LOST music"

Bravo, Veela, bravo. I agree 110%!

Anonymous said...

I love it :D I can't wait for these movies. Awesome!

pegasus358 said...

This was amazing, even though it's just a screen test. I agree that the music is reminiscent of "Someone just died on Lost."

I kind of like this guy too, even with his British accent (or perhaps because of it?).

Thanks for sharing, Suzie!

-Beth M.

RaShelle Workman said...

That was a fantastic screen test =D