You may have seen my Twitter outburst earlier today concerning contact info and how IT SHOULD BE PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!

I'm setting up a blog tour for one of our fabulous authors, a crime writer with a book out in May. I've been clicking around all day and am surprised how hard it is to contact bloggers!

Of course, writers out there, your contact info is essential if I stumble upon your blog and am like "Oh sweet potatoes! This guy/gal can write! I must sign!" However, that's not really the reason you want your info accessible.

Maybe you're a black belt. Maybe a graphic designer. A dog fan? Your unique skillset and interests may perfectly fit the needs of someone who stumbles across your info because of a retweet or someone posting you on their FB wall. You just never know!

Notes and Disclaimers:
  1. If you're afraid your inbox will be flooded: get over yourself. We're talking about serendipity here...it's not going to happen every day.
  2. Be smart. Physical addresses and phone numbers? No.
  3. "Contact Me" forms are handy...but if a longer message needs to be sent, it's just going to annoy you (those forms remove paragraphs). Just put your email somewhere!
  4. I am indifferent between "Contact Me" tabs or putting the info someplace in the sidebar. Or even just having it in your larger profile (on blogger, etc.)

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Anonymous said...

I recently added a contact portion on mine. I don't know why It wasn't there to begin with. The thought that you, so nicely mentioned, was the reason why I did. Love the tweet. lol.

lotusgirl said...

Thanks for the tip. I know it's available if you click through to my info, but I'm going to have to add it in my sidebar. It should be easy for someone who wants to contact me.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the reminder! I had it up on mine for a while, took it down to change some stuff and then forgot. It's back up now. :)

Anonymous said...

I do so agree!

And honestly, it's annoying in every case. Last summer I worked a temp job as a .. well, data collector. I had to find company's contact details and put them in my company's database for future use. You have NO idea how HARD it was to find the most *basic* contact information. And that's for the business in general - I could often not even find their address, or it was misspelled, or they didn't share a phone number or general mail address.
Even worse is when a relatively big company in the sector my company works in (IT for pity's sake) didn't even have a website.

After three months I left with a lot less hair.

(and really, it's generally not hard to put contact information somewhere visible)

Josin L. McQuein said...

I just added a nice, big "contact me" button on my blog sidebar.

Unknown said...

Opps, I thought it was there. Shows how often I look at my own profile. I did at least have my website link - which has a big "email me" button on the main page.

It's there now. On the blog. ;-)

Simon Hay said...

I had that sorted :) Do I get cupcakes?

Tara Tyler said...

Oh all right. I know you were looking for me.

ps - advice to those still hesitant to put their email address, get another one just for writing, blogging, etc. gmail and others are free =)

Charity Bradford said...

AMEN! I've been trying to follow crusaders and it is hard just to find the "follow" button for the blog. Twitter following is even harder. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to try and find an email address. I created an entire page for my contact info.

TirzahLaughs said...

I've always had an email address available. :) No one ever takes advantage of me. Does that mean I'm boring?

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I have my email available on my sidebar and a publishinc company contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to review a book for them. :)

cole linnae said...

hi meredith..
okay so- i hearad it through the grapevine you linked to me...
will you contact me? :)


AmyShojai said...

Uhm...I'm a fan of dogs. And cats. Actually, that's pretty much all I publish. But really got my tail in a twist to realize my email was NOT on the blog page, dang! Will have to take that up with the fur-kids (my editors).

Anonymous said...

All along, I *thought* I had my contact email on my blog. After reading this, I went to check.

I didn't. What in the hell was I thinking? I wonder if I can blame this on a lack of coffee?

In any case, thank you for posting this. It was an excellent reminder. ~Ali

Marjorie said...

All of my blogs list my E-mail address in "View My Complete Profile." I am not foolish. I want everybody to be able to contact me and let me know they love my cartoons, poems, and interviews.

Please add me to all lists. The blog book tour might be something great for "marjorie-digest." The author will be in excellent company there.

jesse said...

Good call.
Just updated.
Thank you.

Dan Haring said...

I thought mine was on there, but I guess not. Now it is, thanks to this post. Thanks!

E.L.Pierce said...

I was wondering, what are some good websites to look into that can be set up for a writer? I'll be thankful for any input.