AND The Insides Are Oreo Cookie

So, there I was. I'd already been graced with this post for which there are no words by Chuck Wendig. Things are under control at The Reef. Things are peach-eh.

Then we got a box. What was in it, you ask? Well. Let me show, not tell, you.

I'm like...wait...are those...Bears?


Good Times indeed, Mini Me.

But wait...Oh, oh no.

More predators lurk. And this one's not holding any candy hearts. Chomp chomp.

Thanks to Susan Prunty, one of the winners of the blurb contest a couple weeks back!**

**One of the things Susan and I talked about was bribes...which this is explicitly not. It says in the card. ;)

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cathellisen said...

I really want to eat that bear now.

Meredith Barnes said...

Do you think it'll keep to South Africa?

Heather Hellmann said...

You can't go wrong with Oreos covered in chocolate.

sprunty said...

Who knew how difficult it would be to find a candy heart to fit the mood?