Writing Contest!

The Mer Bear, Film Intern Greg, and I all recently finished reading Highborn by Yvonne Navarro, a new Urban Fantasy out with Pocket Books.  And I have an extra copy to pass along.

Once an irresistible, soul-destroying seducer of men and women through the ages, Brynna Malak has fled Hell to seek redemption. While dodging the brutal Hunters sent to retrieve her, she must also battle her own kind to save the life of a young teenage girl fathered by an angel—whose destiny is to complete a preordained task. At Brynna’s side is Eran Redmond, a Chicago police officer who is fighting his undeniable attraction to her. Brynna would rather die, for eternity, than return to Hell or give up her quest. Yet to continue, she must begin the long and difficult journey of learning to embrace both the joys and the tragedies of being human.

Here's what you've have to do to get your hands on my copy.

Write a story, one hundred words or fewer, using these words:

Pee Wee

Bonus points if you can include this phrase: "Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear."

Contest opens NOW, and runs through midnight Thursday, November 18th. Post your entry in the comments section.

Enter as many times as you want.

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Michikit said...

I don't make promises, but is it international?

MAGolla said...

I LOVE flash fic challenges--I've enjoyed J. Reid's last few. This gives me the perfect excuse NOT to work on my novel! Thx!

Matthew MacNish said...

Sounds fun!

Alex said...

“Pee Wee Herman soared on the wings of silliness and joy until the day he was struck from the sky of children’s entertainment by the betrayal of his own penis,” responds Connor.
Cued by the private part word Chip holds aloft his bag of peanuts, and roars, “Pee-nus! Pee-nus! Get your hot salty Pee-nus!”
Connor giggles furious.
Doug interjects with, “Allow me to ejaculate into the conversation by saying one should not make light of such a tortured artist as Pee Wee’s Herman.”
“You mean interject,” Connor corrects.
“Irrelevant,” Doug proclaims judiciously waving his arm like a gavel.

Mike Koch - Protect The Risen said...

It was nearly noon, when from high in the sky above the Fine Light Army, flying on leathery wings was an ominous figure. Its pee wee body was unmistakable. Gregern could not believe the betrayal of Stehvan unleashing such a beast upon them.
“Beware-of-the-wer-mer-bear!” Gregern yelled.
Towsen replied in a troubled voice. “Surely this tips the scales of victory into Stehvan’s favor. Shoot it down quickly!”
Gregern unslung the magical anajo from his back and loosed a silvery bolt wounding the vile creature.
“You saved us Gregern, you’re our hero!” Shouted Towsen.

Laura Flanagan said...

That couldn’t be happening, thought Elena. “You must be wrong. It can’t be true”. The tears came down on her cheeks.
The day after, the sky turned dark and a seagull’s flock passed through it moving its wings to the rhythm of a solemn melody. The funeral was crowded. The entire world loved that pee wee boy. He was as a ray of light in the morning, always happy and cheering people’s his around.
“I shouldn’t have allowed him to go there. It was very dangerous”, the girl told to herself. She felt that as a betrayal to her heart.

Mandy said...

Sounds fun! If it's open internationally, here's y two cents:

“Lucy, wait!” I yelled, a hand shielding my eyes against the Sun.
She spread her wings out, so that she stopped mid-air, and turned her head to look at me. “You’re slow today, Liz. You ok?”
“I’m just not used to the sky anymore.”
“I can’t believe you didn’t fly for so long! It’s almost a betrayal to our kind.”
“Nah. So long as we don’t dress up as the Pee Wee Herman, they’re good.”
“If you start yelling ‘Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear’ they wouldn’t be happy either.”
“The Were-Mer-Bear?”
“Don’t get me started,” she warned and flew ahead again.

Laura Flanagan said...

I rode my horse so fast that, for a moment, I thought I’d fall. The light of the dawn allowed me to see partly and I could stop when a voice in my mind said: Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear. It had huge wings and overflew the sky with real skill. A current bird was a pee wee thing compared with that. I looked away, being conscious about my original target: a man who had robbed and murdered to the Order of Temple’s leader. He had to be judged and condemned by betrayal.

Laura Flanagan said...

For a moment, I looked at the sky. I wish I had wings and I could fly to the other side of the city. I needed to be with David, my pee wee brother, to prove him he concerned me. But, instead, I was in a huge half-light balcony from a luxurious hotel and waiting the right moment to ask money to the man who hated to be called “dad”. The necessity obligated me to speak with him after ten years. I felt that as a betrayal toward David, but it’ll save his life. If only he’ll understand.

Unknown said...

She shifted from foot to foot, feeling the betrayal: Where was her husband, with their tickets to see Pee-Wee Herman on Broadway? She waited across the street from the theater, underneath the bright lights of a marquee that read “Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear.” The round bulbs spread out above her in a V, like brightly illuminated wings in the night, turning her shadow into something as thin and stretched as she felt. She looked to the sky, but she knew she wouldn’t have the kind of comeback Pee-Wee did. Her husband had already found another playhouse.

Yahong Chi said...

What is it?
She can only tell that whatever it is has wings the colour of glass hexagon skylights—tinted blue, true light coming through. Fading hoofbeats behind signify Pee Wee's betrayal. He's running away again. She doesn't care.
She inches closer. The creature's curled up, but she can see a crude sign roped around it: Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear.
“Were-Mer-Bear.” She whispers the name, seeing if it fits; it blooms on her tongue.
At her voice, it stirs.
One flash—
One sudden movement of wings—
When Pee Wee comes back, the creature's gone.
But so is she.

Yahong Chi said...

He arched; light the colour of wings made for the sky spiraled up his torso. Wrapped in the ethereal glow, his pee wee hat looked positively comical.
But it grounded him to me. I kept hold of my earth, planet, continent. My fingers dipped into the valley in his hand the claws had left.
The aura faded, and he straightened. My fingers no longer probed a scar.
“Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear, huh,” he said, and offered me a wry grin. “We'll see about that.”
In my heart, though, I knew I could never let him go again.

Alex said...

It warms the cockles of my heart that the “Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear” sign has the neighborhood Pee Wee’s and Scuge Muffins so terrified. Nothing betrays the mind more than the wings of imagination. The ground based motion sensor spot light blinding their scurrilous little faces helps too. As soon as they set foot on the lawn the sky lights up and I begin roaring “Down Were-Mer-Bear, DOWN!” over the howling zombie recordings I took with me when I retired from the film editing suite. Fact is I’d be bored if it weren’t for the kids.

abrielle1 said...

How bitter the winds that seared across my throat, tasting of betrayal. I lay pressed upon my stomach with my cheek in the snow, certain the wound would stretch and break if I moved at all. A feint light crossed my eyelids – perhaps it was morning? – yet I couldn’t turn my head enough to see the sky. The memory of the blade and the fire and the flight brushed my back like broken wings, painfully, frightening. “Why should I believe you?” I rasped into the snow. “What worth holds peewee promises, when everything you say is strangled in black lies?”

Tara Tyler said...

optional accompaniment, Play tune #5:

The sun climbed slowly into the sky. The light cascaded onto her wings as she reached her lair above the lake and safely hid the treasure of her betrayal.

Pee Wee won’t miss his elfin talisman, Winona thought.

But Pee Wee felt its absence immediately. He woke and searched. He felt its compelling force from across the lake.

Must’ve been that mischievous flying centaur, he assumed.

He stomped off to fetch it. He paused at the lake to read the warning sign, “Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear.”

Pfah! No freak of nature is going to keep me from getting my…CHOMP!

abrielle1 said...

She peered out through sopping strands of her long black hair, watching frantic men pounding across the deck. Their eyes were harsher than the arcing light that cracked the rain-washed sky as it struck their peewee mast and splintered it to pieces.
“Fools, I have not caused this tempest.” She said it again as she was dragged across the deck, again as she was forced up against the side. “And your betrayal will not tame it.” Her worn cloak billowed outwards like a pigeon's frantic wings, albeit it would do nothing if they shoved her to the sea.

Rashda Khan said...

OK, the book sounds too good for me not to try, so here goes....

Her Betrayal stank straight to the Sky.
Anger shook the Angel Abrams, made his Light shine blinding bright. Bitter bile filled his mouth, grief churned in his heart. His wings stretched to their twelve-foot span, beat the air into wind, into storm.
She'd cheated on him with Pee-Wee Herman. She deserved the worst.
"Beware the Were-Mer-Bear," he whispered, unlatching the cage.

Pamela said...

They made me play left field. Even in pee wee softball I couldn't get anything right; I'd stand out there, daydreaming of whatever Nancy Drew mystery I'd been reading before—like the Case of the Crooked Hourglass, where Bess, frightened, just said, "Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear," over and over, until Nancy saved her.

Real life wasn't like that, but back then I didn't know how much those books were a betrayal. Under the park lights, everything was shadowed, gnat-covered. You could wish to be those wings flying overhead all you wanted; it wouldn't work. Even the sky was a liar.

Sarah W said...

"Beware the Were-Mer-Bear!"

Skye tossed the teddy back to her sister. "Pee Wee, you're in my light."

"Whatcha doing?"

"Sewing the wings on your angel costume."

"Where's Mer-Bear's?"

"Mom says the Bishop isn't ready to have a fish-tailed, fanged teddy bear in his Christmas Pageant. You're going to have to fly solo."

Pee Wee gasped at the betrayal. "I'm not going to hang without her!"

"What if she falls?"

"Mer-Bears bounce."

"Tell you what," said Skye. "She can sit on my lap and watch you."

"No," said Pee Wee. "We'll go talk to the Bishop."

Mer-Bear's red eyes gleamed.

I know it's pronounced "Mare-Bear," but I loved the visual image!

Taffy said...

"Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear."
P.W. screamed, covering her head with a blanket. “Good grief, Sky! Go to bed!”
“I’m not tired. It’s your turn to tell a story. And not a love story, either.”
Sky sniffed. “I don’t know any other kind.”
“How about one of knights and kings and betrayals?”
Papa was always regaling them with adventure stories, usually his own. Right now he was off fighting the neighboring insurgents.
“Sky! Pee Wee!”
“Yes, mama?”
“It’s almost light out. Please go to bed.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
The girls snuggled down, giggling at each other.

Alex said...

"That PeeWee Football playing pussy betrayed me!"

"Jeff, the kids nine he doesn't know what betrayal is."

"But we had a real shot at the title with him. We where gunna blow the Sharks sky high! Light their tits up!"

"Jeff we can do it without Timmy."

"You're right. Fuck that John Maden, buffalo wings eating, football playing, mother fucker we don't need him!"

Kevin looks at his son's soccer coach with concern. "Listen, Jeff, are you going to be ok to coach this game?"

Jeff calms himself, nods, and turns to his horror struck team of nine year olds.

abrielle1 said...

Her hand, already scarred, plunged into the jagged cliff-face, painfully aware of how far the loosed rock fell. Dark eyes strained to see the sky, wishing for the light she hadn’t seen in far too long. Harsh winds bit into her face like the demon’s wings, and she savored them.
“Go and sing of my betrayal, winds,” she rasped as her feet clambered for a hold. “Sing of my escape to the peewee king upon his petty throne!” To slip just once would be to die, yet still she clamored as she climbed. “Sing, ‘Beware the Were-Mer-Bear;’ tonight she comes!”

abrielle1 said...

Light pools harshly upon the ground, weeping through the crimson treetops as the lone moon speaks. Tonight its words are heavy, strangled in betrayal. Tonight it whispers darkly like a burden in the sky from behind its clouded wings. “You have stolen,” says the moon. “Taken what you can’t give back.”
I scoff, “only peewee memories.”
“Those memories will taint you,” chokes the haughty moon, and I turn my face from him.
“‘Beware the Were-Mer-Bear,’ the memory-bearer said. How will that destroy me?”
“Because it is a curse, fool Thief, set to stain the mind of anyone who hears it.”

Marie R. said...

Sky was a fairy. Not a twinkling light and wings fairy. She was a Pee-Wee fairy, and Pee-Wee fairies live for twenty four hours. She learned to listen in four, and Bubble, Sky’s mumsy, said, “Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear!” and promptly died. Sky sat for four hours being confused before another Pee-Wee tapped her shoulder. “I am the Were-Mer-Bear!” he said and kissed her. What a betrayal! Kissing between fairies leads to boo-boos. Sky labored for eleven hours and fifty nine minutes and named her boo-boo Bubble. Once Bubble could listen, Sky said, “Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear!” and promptly died.

Unknown said...

Suzie couldn’t believe she traveled back in time to be on PASSWORD.

“Suzie,” Alan Ludden says, “You’ll receive the clues.”

Her celebrity teammate is Bill Bixby. To think this skinny guy will be cast as the Incredible Hulk? Pathetic.

“Begin,” Alan announces.

“Betrayal,” Bill Bixby says.

“Um… Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear,” Suzie stutters.

“One word answers,” Alan interrupts.

Bill frowns and says, “Sky.”

“Uh… wings. No! Crap. Wait! My answer’s not crap. Light!”

Bill glares, his eyes have changed to light green. “Herman,” he growls.

“Pee Wee!” Suzie says triumphant.

“Now you’ve made me angry.” Bill’s shirt begins to rip.

Christina Auret said...

It always started with little betrayals, Crazy Pee Wee thought as he swept up glass off the pavement. Small infringements that don’t matter, but for the trust they fray.

Then things escalate until wings block out the light and bombs rain from the sky and everyone wonders why.

Pee Wee shrugged.

He could tell them why. The last time he tried he got his nickname and a pat on his head for his trouble.

A good man with a broom, that Pee Wee. He’s just not altogether all that bright, you know.

Bettelynn said...

Here is my entry.

On cue, the sky turned black. Would my breath, wispy like moth wings, give away my betrayal? “Come closer to the candlelight, Pee Wee,” I said.
Oblivious to my treachery the dwarf struggled to read the inscription I had pointed out on one of my tattoos. “What does, “Beware of the Were- Mer-Bear”, mean?” he asked, caressing my arm.
I blew out the candle at the same time he recited the phrase. The smell of salt and a hungry growl would soon answer his question.

abrielle1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abrielle1 said...

Thick hands clamped around my arms the instant that I grasped the coin. “Unhand me, fools!” I cried towards the open sky, “or by the holy light of hell you’ll regret these marks upon me!
“I’m the winged were-mer-bear, beware!” I bellowed as the guards forced my hands behind my back, turning to the swelling crowd. “Yes, bear witness to this peewee man with soldiers to suppress one as small as I! Look on, all of you…” I bit the words as recognition illuminated my betrayal.
Alas the subject of my slander was no simple man, but the high king.

Tara Tyler said...

“Betrayal is such a harsh word,” I said.

“Hush! Just admit you stole the bear,” my light friend advised from my shoulder.

“Fine, if it’ll get you to stop bugging me. Now get! I gotta pee!”

“Wee!” she shouted. I flicked my conscience into the sky, but she never got upset. Maybe next time I should pluck her wings.

“Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear,” she warned before she disappeared.

Where? Mare? Bare? What the? Foolish, useless conscience.

abrielle1 said...

She held the little sea-stone closer to her heart, watching the light dance across it with each flicker of the waves. “Perhaps this is what the sky looks like.”
“Forbidden,” her brother hissed. Already she'd drifted too close to the surface. “Give me that wretched stone, if it will tempt you so.”
“Go away.”
Scaled hands wrapped around her arms, cutting into her flesh. “You know it is betrayal, sister! If the winged-people don't kill you, you'll be expelled for treason!”
“In either case,” she said, “it spares me from this peewee city.”

Unknown said...

“That call’s a betrayal to the every ref worldwide.”

Adjusting the wings on my daughter’s tinker bell costume—she has to wear it everywhere—I scold my husband, “Cole, it’s Pee Wee football. They’re ten. They just want to play.”

“How are the boys ever gonna know to play football right? The ref’s so blind he can’t tell the sky’s up and the lights shining on the field aren’t stars.”

My four-year-old daughter pops her thumb out of her mouth, looks at her dad, draws her brows together and yells, “Yeah, wef! B’war the were-mer-bear, he get you t’night!”

MAGolla said...

The shaman warned Pee Wee Herman to “beware of the were-mer-bear”, but he’d ignored the warning. He’d poked the mer-bear with a stick, waking it from its watery hibernation. Gasping for air, he glanced at the sky, wondering how long before the creature would strike. Silent wings glided across the face of the full moon, dimming the light as echoes of laughter died on the night air. Betrayal tasted like soot in his mouth. The were-mer-bear was going to feed well tonight.

abrielle1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abrielle1 said...

The stars are different in this sky...
In a moment she’d feel panic rising in her chest, permit her heart to flutter like a captured creature’s wings. Her mind burned with the recollection of centuries of betrayals that hadn’t happened yet.
Morning’s light cast eerie shadows through the trees; “trees that will be smoldered to a peewee heap in my time.” If she could find Him by sunset, perchance it could be prevented. She’d be trapped this time, bound within this age, but how small a price that was! She had seen, and barely lived through, what would happen otherwise.

Anonymous said...

“BETRAYAL. Seventy-six points.”

James pushed his tiles aside.

“You could still win.”

“Right, and Were-Mer-Bears fly.”

“No, they leap into the sky and remain airborne for extended periods of time.”


“Sore loser.”

He reached for the Cutty Sark.

His sister coughed. “Had enough?”

You’ve no idea. He started to pour, then grimaced. Those pee-wee football players were tough. Wrist, and ego, had been bruised during practice. Coach. Single moms will love you, kids will respect you...unless you’re a lightweight and they sense fear. Then you’re pile-fodder.

“PRAYER.” That and a wing might get him through the game. But he’d never be a winner.

Germaine Dulac said...

“Betrayal!” my fellow ponies cried.

“What do we do?” Fluttershy asked.

“The only thing we can do,” Rainbow-Dash said. “Kill her.”

Fluttershy shuddered. “But she’s our friend.”

“Fuck friendship!” Rainbow screamed. “Mer-Bear sold our most precious secrets on eBay!”

“Rainbow’s right. We have to protect Ponyville,” I said.

Pinkie-Pie giggled. “Beware-of-the-Were-Mer-Bear!

I sighed. “Pee-Wee Herman. You remember him, right?”

“He had a nice bicycle,” Pinkie said, staring up at the sky. “That cloud looks just like him!”

“Sick motherfucker,” Applejack said. “Just like Mer-Bear!”

"Enough talk." Rainbow’s wings flapped impatiently. “Applejack, go get your shotgun.”

Light gleamed in Applejack’s eyes. “Yee-ha!”

Germaine Dulac said...

Pee Wee’s Playhouse played to an empty room.

I found the twins in the garage.

Tommy was on the Exercycle, pedaling hard. Peter was kneeling on the floor by the front wheel, his hand dangerously close to the spinning thing.

I froze.

He was holding something down. The floor was littered with light-colored shavings.

“What is that?” I moved closer. “Twilight Sparkle?” I cried.

Peter smiled.

Tommy bobbed in the saddle.

Her wings were gone, her sky-blue mane ragged. Her big painted eyes whispered, “Betrayal.”

A distant voice chuckled, “Beware-of-the-Were-Mer-Bear!

Someone said the secret word of the day. Pee Wee screamed.

abrielle1 said...

The hand moves slowly across the face, ticking off the hours.
“If you despise it,” the woman said, “I can make time run backwards for you.”
“Who are you?”
“I am called Betrayal,” the woman whispered to the sky. A fierce light flickered in her eyes as she watched the old man’s face.
“Time ticks away your life. I can betray it for you, make it run the other way.”
“You can make me young again.”
“The peewee years shall blow away like dust before a falcon’s wings.”
The woman named Betrayal watched this next fool come in closer.

abrielle1 said...

The sun’s haughty light spilled across the sky as the traveler knelt before the shrine with his face pressed to the sands. They crunched harshly beneath him, burning.
“Why do you come so far?” the lonely spirit asked, fluttering in the scorching wind like a moth’s wings.
“You’ve tangled in my dreams,” said he. “I beg release.” In betrayal to all custom he looked into her eyes, challenging everything she’d ever taken.
“I live through dreams,” the spirit answered. “Peewee travelers like you shall never take them from me!”
“Then beware the were-mer-bear coming in my stead to claim them!”

abrielle1 said...

Time whispered inside her head, all the centuries she’d lived pounding against her chest like caged-creatures’ wings. They beat out one frantic phrase over and again: “In which age have I lost it in?”
Oh, she would have to search beneath a thousand lightless heavens! “Beware the were-mer-bear, ha!” she spat into the sky. That peewee man’s betrayal ran so deeply it would stain her captive soul forever.
In what age had he tricked her and stolen her immortal heart?
A knock sounded at the door; the mer-bear-man in all his grace. “Love,” he chanted darkly, “might I come in?”

Soul Patch Brother said...

The only light is pale and emanating from a laptop screen. The face which once radiated naïve joy has fallen. The sun may cross the sky, but he would never know. His time is past and he recognizes it. His twisted sense of community had betrayed him long ago, leaving him alone in the dark. The living portrait of a child never grown up, producing one vintage toy after another on countless television talk shows, had put him in the rarefied air of Hollywood. The wings that brought him near that sun are no longer needed by Pee Wee Herman.