Query Hiatus (11/15 to 1/5)

It's happened.  I've managed to bury myself under a pile of requested material and client manuscripts and of course those TBR books, and I'm pretty sure I might not be able to move around until I read my way out.

There are also those things called holidays coming up and I'm moving apartments so after torturous amounts of deliberation, I'm going to take a brief query hiatus from November 15th to January 5th.

This means any query that comes in between those dates (11/15 to 1/5) will get response saying something along the lines of "Hey I'm on hiatus, re-query on 1/6" and will then be deleted from my inbox.

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Josin L. McQuein said...



I mean... Darn. Bad timing, that.


(It's your own fault for being in demand, you know.)

Janet Johnson said...

I'm only surprised this hasn't happened sooner. :) Good luck getting though it all!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Happy reading, good luck with the move, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Will you be blogging?

k said...

Dang! And I was hoping to query you at the end of this month :( Guess I'll just have to wait until January! Hope you're loving life during your break :)

Unknown said...

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your reading.

nerinedorman said...

LOL! You'll be back by the time I have my next query ready. Good luck with the move and all the reading.

Madscientist254 said...

Good luck with all of it. Find us a good one in that pile.

We won't stalk you to badly, but stealthily hiding in the shadows of your blog posts I hope is acceptable. ;)

Heather said...

Um, golly. That's a lot! Good luck and maybe add some vitamin C to the orange soda? That's a bunch of stress on you this season.
Hope the reading is at least enjoyable!

Nikki said...

Oh, Suzie. This *almost* makes me feel bad about the new manuscript I'm getting ready to send you. Almost... Bwa ha ha ha ha!!
Have fun moving!

lotusgirl said...

Good luck with the move, and Happy Holidays. Maybe my MS will be ready to query by the time you get back.

Roberta Walker said...

Well isn't that Karma? My query package is finally ready! Nervous and scared as hell, but ready (I think) to jump in head first.

Unknown said...

Actually, I'm a lot less stressed out, now! :) I've got my first graduate residency at VCFA the last half of January, and I'm planning to workshop SPITFIRE, so it'll be all ready to go when you're open to queries again!

(Or it should be. Provided I start on those revisions. *runs off to revise*)

Richard Levangie said...

Damn. On the very day you would have received mine.

It speaks well of you, I think, that you were still on my list. I started compiling it back in February when I first started writing, and you've remained there through revision #5. I've done a great deal of reading and research before settling on a final few, and you made the cut.

Good luck! Perhaps I'll see you in January. :-)

cyndydrew said...

Criminy! Moving bites. Hopefully, though, you're movin' on up...?