Is This The Most Gorgeous Cover Ever?

No, probably not. Maybe.

It's definitely an incredible example of a cover that tells you something. Not that it's YA vs. adult (in my opinion, this could be a cover for either), not the "tone" or the time period, although it does both of those things. I mean it tells us about the crux of the plot. It hints at the major choices the characters will face. The stakes.

This woman is leaving. She's moving towards something else, which is interesting too, but she's looking back, not forward. It could be that she's being forced to leave something she doesn't want to (reading the synopsis, it seems likely). But it could also be that she's escaping, and the glance over her shoulder is to ensure she's not being pursued. There's so much tension!! It's in the way her fist is clenched against the seat, like she's turning frantically before the last glimpse is lost. She's uncoiffed, rushed.

I think it's thrilling. Seen any good ones lately?

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Anonymous said...

Well the good thing about the cover is that I know by glancing at it that it's not my type of book. :) But I never cared much for Anita Shreve's books. Beautifully written but so melancoly. She makes me feel as though my heart is drowning in saltwater.

I haven't seen many covers I loved lately. I found several more attractive than others. One thing, if one is doing a romance, please don't let them do a super cheesy cover that makes me be embarrassed to be seen with the book. Just a thought


hannah moskowitz said...

Gotta be honest, it's pretty, but her neck is looking kinda freaky long for me.

Esther Sparhawk said...

Kids at the school where I teach often talk about the covers of Maggie Stiefvater's books, Shiver and Linger. At first glance, it looks like a forest is decorating the covers. A more detailed study reveals images hidden in the flora.