Writing No Nos


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Christine Danek said...

Thanks for the link. It was very helpful.

Micah Maddox said...

Great list of things to be aware of. Thank you.

Number 2 is tough though.

Editor: "Not the 'amazing eyes' again."
Me: "But if they gaze below the neck it's lust not love."
Editor: "How about a conversation?"
Me: "Then it's not love at first sight. The soul, the desire, the timeless moment is in the eyes."
Editor: "Which is why every writer does it."
Me: Sets down the phone. "*Expletive*, *expletive*. Hello? Okay, I'll fix it."

Unknown said...

Oh, great link! *rushes off to beat WIP into shape*

nerinedorman said...

Thank you for sharing. Speaking from experience editing, it's also often a case of leading the horse to water... Authors sometimes get quite precious about their words. Sometimes editorial "suggestions" are there to help, no?

Ruth Donnelly said...

Thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

Definitely something I'm sharing with my critique group- thanks!

TheBookGod said...

thanks, it was a great help

Madscientist254 said...

That link forced a hard decision for me with regard to my manuscript. After some internal debate and careful editing I've concluded that what was my chapter two will now be my chapter one. This will allow the introduction of the main protagonist for the book series, rather than a character who will not be retained through the entire series. I thought having the villian portrayed first would make a better "hook," but as it turns out the new chapter one much more appealing.