My Love of a little Color

This week has been books, books, books--talking books all the time, non-stop. And while that's quite a dreamy thing to do all day and night (literally), I think I'll take a short break right now and talk about something else I love: color.

Confession: I'm a born-and-raised New Yorker and I don't wear black every day.


In fact, I rarely wear it. Today I'm in a blue-white-orange-red stripped shirt with a solid Carolina Blue-extra long vest, an extra thin black-blue-teal-navy scarf, charcoal gray cargo capris and sandals--and btw, my toes are different colors: hot pink on my left foot, and Mint Apple on my right. It may seem like overkill to you, but I do at least know how to match (well...except for the hot pink...but that's just one foot!).

I love a little color in everything. Even when I do wear black, I usually accent it with necklaces that have bright pendants/stones/beads/shells of some sort, or maybe a big, flower headband, and colorful shoes are the best.

This probably explains my obsession with Jeffrey Sebelia. (Why couldn't I afford for him to design my wedding dress?? Why? WHY?!)


So what does my wacky taste in clothing have to do with anything???

Well, I think it reflects my taste overall. Like a metaphor (Ha, I'm being all literate and stuff). I am a big fan of unique stories, loud voices, brightshinyfresh ideas, and if it's dark it's got to be vivid. And while black is always in fashion (or the latest book genre trend), you need to throw something else in there to make it stand out.

I've seen a lot of black in my submissions lately...a lot of the same. And while these submissions aren't bad, they don't stand out either. So I ask you: where are all the purple dresses, or red sandals, or the big yellow flower head band??

Wow, I am SO in the mood to watch Project Runway now....

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Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, it's even fashion week at Suite 500!

Watch out when you say you want submissions that stand out—you might get exactly what you asked for. ;)

And I still have last night's of PR episode to watch. I'm rooting for Mondo to win this season, he's my favorite designer so far.

suzie townsend said...

"Throw something else in there to make it stand out" is not code for food or presents. It's gotta be all about the writing :)

Unknown said...

Actually, I was think blue ink. Green for mysteries? Purple for romances?

Hardygirl said...

Ha! I predict that you'll get lots of submissions with actual purple dresses and yellow headbands in the package. Could be good . . .

Can't wait to watch last night's PR. I've got it recorded.


storyqueen said...

Yay for color!

(I really love colorful shoes if you must know.)

Project Runway and Glee are the only shows I love right now. (I was not happy with the PR decision last night.....)


lisa and laura said...

We're all about color, but then again we live in Cleveland so that automatically puts us about 10 years behind in fashion.

As for books, I'm definitely craving something rainbow colored over here. I've got a couple of MG books in my pile that might do the trick. We'll see.

lotusgirl said...

I'm very into color. I think it comes with being a photographer. I'm a big fan of purple particularly when it's in the sky mixed with peach and coral.

Heather said...

I love color too! And I'll admit, I've been known to watch Project Runway every now and then...

Robin Lemke said...

I love your metaphor!

Kara said...

Jeff = <3!!