Aurorarama Steampunk Party

Last night we went to The Clover Club in Brooklyn to celebrate the launch of Aurorarama by Jean-Christophe Valtat, a new steampunk novel from Melville House.

It was a great chance to dress up in Steampunk Attire...

Yes, that's right, check out those fantastic suite 500 interns...

And of course we managed to get swag

Seriously, how awesome is that cover...

Book Description:

1908. New Venice--"the pearl of the Arctic"--a place of ice palaces and pneumatic tubes, of beautifully ornate carriage-sleds and elegant victorian garb, of long nights and vistas of ice.

But as the city prepares for spring, it feels more like qaartsiluni--"the time when something is about to explode in the dark." Local "poletics" are wracked by tensions with the Eskimos circling the city, with suffragette riots led by an underground music star, with drug round-ups by the secret police force known as the Gentlemen of the Night. An ominous black airship hovers over the city, and the Gentlemen are hunting for the author of a radical pamphlet calling for revolt.

Their lead suspect is Brentford Orsini, one of the city's most prominent figures. But as the Gentlemen of the Night tighten the net around him, Orsini receives a mysterious message from a long-lost love that compels him to act.

What transpires is a literary adventure novel unlike anything you've ever read before.

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Ladytink_534 said...

What great costumes! I saw guns like that one on etsy a few days ago. WANT! This sounds like a great book.

Brenda Hyde said...

That must have been so much fun! VERY cool costumes. I missed a Steampunk festival at Greenfield Village, part of Henry Ford Museum near Detroit last year. I'm hoping they will have it again. We don't have a lot of steampunk related fun here in Michigan.

Shelley Watters said...

Great pic! Love the hat Suzie! Sounds like a great read!

Meredith Barnes said...

You guys are so cool. That looks like so much fun!!

Joanna said...

OMG, you guys look AWESOME.

I heart you all :-)

Btw, the word verification is "grabine."

That sounds very steampunk, no?

Anonymous said...

Do you know who did the cover art for Aurorarama?