Oh. My. God.

Janet Reid has stolen a copy of You by Charles Benoit.

Several months ago, she told me to go out and steal a copy.  Because of the Goddess of Harper Marketing and Publicity, I managed to get my hands on an ARC without stealing (promise).  Then I read it.  And realized why The Janet Reid was advocating such actions.

I have since been passing said ARC around the office and taunting people with it.  (Oh, wait, that might not be me, that might be something the mean and sharkly one would do.)

In fact, it appears the oh so fabulous and benevolent mean and sharkly Janet Reid is going to give away the stolen copy of You on her blog if you can tell her where she hid it (No hints here.  I don't want to get gnawed.) 

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1 comment:

amberargyle said...

My guess is that Janet isn't sure where she put it.