Barely Bewitching


A Review of Barely Bewitched by Kimberly Frost

Barely Bewitched is the second novel in Kimberly Frost's SOUTHERN WITCH series, and if you're new to the series, you'd be better off starting with the first novel. The events of this novel take place almost immediately after the end of book one.

Tamara "Tammy Jo" Trask wants to be a normal pastry chef, but she had to spell-cast as a result of werewolves (in book one, Would-Be Witch). Now the World Association of Magic (WAM) has classified Tammy Jo as a witch and she unwittingly became subject to the laws of magic. WAM sends two representatives to help prepare Tammy Jo for her mandatory Initial Challenge. If she refuses to take it or fails, she will face imprisonment or death, and she has a problem – she can’t control her magic. And to make matters worse, a wand-wielding wizard and a menacing fire warlock have come to Duvall to train her, and their arrival is most likely more than what it seems.

Then a curse and a huge spill of pixie dust, and the town goes wild. Tammy Jo needs the sinfully handsome Bryn Lyons to help her, even though WAM has declared him off-limits, and her ex-husband, Zach, refuses to believe the things he saw last week (in Would-Be Witch) and wants to talk to her about it.

Tammy Jo is a relatable heroine; she’s sassy but sweet, down-to-earth but embroiled in a quirky world of magic. Her character gives the paranormal romance genre a unique and refreshing protagonist who’s creative and has an endearing Texas charm. Many of the minor characters are also uniquely quirky and interesting. Of course, they are the ones who are trying to help but actually end up hindering Tammy along the way, during the story – and as a result the relationships between the characters seem to be ones we’ve all seen before.

The plotline is interesting, but nothing unique or out of the ordinary. Tammy's a reluctant and bumbling witch-in-training who as a result finds herself in trouble. She is also unsure about who she can trust, which then adds to the trouble. Minor characters who want to help, actually mess things up more, and problems are springing up everywhere – supernatural and not – and Tammy’s the only one who can fix them.

The love triangle bothered me. In continuation from book one, Tammy has two sexy guys she’s trying to decide between, and she’s drawn to the mysterious and possibly dangerous Bryn Lyons. Though his character is more fully developed in Barely Bewitched, I just don’t quite find him believable or as likable as Tammy’s ex-husband Zach (and I can’t understand why she broke up with him in the first place). But my partiality for Zach might be my own hang up.

The series is fun and definitely great if you're looking for a light urban fantasy/paranormal romance with some laughs. But it’s not necessarily one I’ll be continuing with.

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