Wardrobe Malfunction

Today I had a few issues with my wardrobe. First while opening boxes of books, I bent down and ripped a huge hole in the back of my jeans. Luckily the long sweater I was wearing hid that for the rest of the day. A few hours later, I was running around the office trying to get the mail all sorted and take care of a few things and my flip flops fell apart so I had no shoes.

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Jessica B said...

I love going barefoot, so being my flip-flops falling apart would be pretty cool for me. The jeans? I would not enjoy that.


Artemis Grey said...

Hehehe. I've suffered the same wardrobe malfunctions at different times. Since I ride horses, I'm always blowing out the ass of my jeans while mounting. The most memorable of these incidents was while I was schooling a friend's horses at a horse show. On the flat, no one noticed anything. Over every jump, however, it was bottoms up for all to see! (yes mother, I had on clean undies)
As for the flip flops, I managed to blow both out at once one time running down a flight of low park steps to meet a friend. I made it to the bottom a few seconds before the rogue flippity flops, flat of my tail...

Lizzy said...

Rough day! You should thank yourself though, there was obviously some magical planning that took part because you wore a long sweater

Alexia561 said...

Bummer! At least you had that long sweater on. But remember, it WAS a Monday. Mondays are evil...*L*