SNAP Review + Giveaway

A Review for Snap by Carol Snow

Madison Sabatini is an almost-sophomore with a bright future. She's the newest photographer on her school paper. Then, with one conversation everything changes.

Stuck in the strange, sleepy beach town of Sandyland, after her parents become bankrupt and they have to sell their house, Madison throws herself into her true passion: photography. Bizarre figures start appearing in her pictures, people she's sure weren't there to begin with, people she finds out later are reported dead. With the help of two of her new friends, Delilah and Duncan, Madison has to find out the real truth about what's happening.

Snap is a fun read, but I was really excited for it - I identify with the passion for photography and I love all things supernatural - and I ended up a little disappointed. It just didn't live up to my expectations.

Snap starts out slower than I would have liked, but when it gets going, it goes. In the beginning, the plot was a lot more about Madison adjusting to her new life in a new town than it was about the mysterious people showing up in her pictures. I also figured out the ending less than halfway through the book - too predictable for my tastes.

As for characters, Madison is like any angst-ridden teen, though I understood her angst and still found it not that hard to relate to her. But, especially in the beginning, I didn't always like her either. The fact that she thought badly about Delilah and Duncan because of their financial situation rubbed me the wrong way. She acted too condescending, and whiny at times. Of course, later she had her moments, but I liked most of the other characters better. Delilah was my favorite by far because of her artsy and quirky personality. She's the kind of character I want to be friends with when the book is over. As the Love Interest, Duncan is sweet and cute, but he didn't really stand out that much for me.

In the end, Snap was a quick read that kept me occupied and mildly entertained. It was fast paced, once it got going, and interesting, but not all that much more. It's not a re-read or a think about after book for me. But if you think it sounds good, give it a try. In fact - give it a try with my copy.

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