THE TBR Pile(s)

After seeing the lovely Victoria Schwab's journal about her TBR pile, I decided perhaps to post a picture of my own...only I have more than one pile which equals more than one picture.

Here are the books hiding between my bed and the wall in an attempt to keep anyone who comes into my room from complaining about how I have too many books (there is no such thing).

The overflow of books, especially those from BEA that don't fit behind the bed.

The boxes of books still unpacked from when I moved from CA in October.

Oh and two new books that just arrived and haven't been opened yet!

And the best part is...this doesn't include any of the books recently shipped to my office which are under desk OR the books on my Kindle!

On Top of the Pile: The Ever After, Once Dead Twice Shy, Shiver, and The Immortal

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Erica said...

GEEZ! That's a lot of books... you're set for awhile! :)

Donna said...

OMG! Wow! Nice! Kinda speechless, right now. ;)

Ashley N said...

Wow.... wow. *is jealous*

Wendy said...

And here I thought my TBR pile was big! Nothing compared to yours!

Unknown said...

Hi :)
I love all those books. So many great books, so little hours in the day. I can empathize. Your place is full of Awesome.
How do you like NY compared to CA?
With love & best wishes from Canada

suzie townsend said...

I know it's kind of crazy. A book a day will take me about a year and that's without the buying new books! When I say I'm obsessed, I mean it :)

I love NY. I miss the sunny San Diego weather and some of the great friends I made out there, but moving was the best decision I made.

chocowafer said...

Wow. It's the first time I've seen that many TBR books!

Victoria Schwab said...

Holy crap Suzie! My TBR pile was like NINE books.

Kristen said...

I thought I was bad with my 100 + books, I think you've got 200 or 300 there girl!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I see we have a lot of the same books in our TBR. The depressing thing is that you really, really want to read all of them NOW and it's just not possible.

Debbie's World of Books said...

I feel so much better now knowing I'm not the only one with that huge piles of TBR books everywhere. :)

Alexia561 said...! And I thought my TBR piles were bad! I am awestruck, and a little jealous as well. *L*

Louise is said...

Hi Suzie
AweSoMe Book Stash!! how do you have time to read all of that? and how do you have time to write? lol.
do you worry they will fall on you in the night?

I'm not stalking you! I was just interested... is all.

you have a great blog.

Lou (from tBNW)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing! :D I have many piles too - maybe not as many, but still! I love to see other readers who collect books as much as I do :)

And you're right, there's no such thing as "Too many books"! What a silly idea!

Mardel said...

I thought I had a lot of books to read (around 100) but I think you have close to 700 books there. Maybe 500. What do you think, have you ever counted them? You haven't read any of them? You need some serious reading time. :-)

suzie townsend said...

Okay so there are a few in the pile I have already read, but I'm one of those crazies that rereads all the books of a series when a new one comes out - hence that pile of rachel caine books.

But most of them - like 95% - are ones I haven't read yet, but don't think that I don't read a lot because I swear I do :) It's just that I seriously have a book buying problem! :)

Victoria Schwab said...

Feel free to send some of those my way :p Obviously I need to boost my TBR pile a bit.

Kristin Halbrook said...

Wow, Suzie! Love those pics. I get antsy when I have five or six books in my TBR pile - I have to read them before I can buy more. But you're on your way to a private (specialist?) library! Wonder if there's a gov't grant for that . . . :D