Funny Story from the Office

Monday evening the flower delivery guy comes up to the office and gives me a huge and beautiful assortment of pink lilies. I sign for them, check the card to see who they're for and take them into the agent's office. Another agent sees the flowers and asks who they're from so I sneak a peak at the card.

I'm thinking two possible scenarios.

Agent's spouse sent them.
A happy client whose book just sold sent them.


Someone who is querying the agent sent the flowers.

While this is a nice gesture and the girly part of me is saying "aw, I love flowers," the rational part of me is saying "um, that's kind of creepy and over-reaching." Bribes will not affect how much or how little an agent likes a story idea, nor will it influence whether they request the book from a query.

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Sara said...

At least now the office has pretty flowers...

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear stories (and there are quite a few on the agent blogs) about gifts with queries, I can't help wonder how much money these struggling writers have with which to fawn over agents. I just hope they are sending flowers and gifts to their mothers on Mother's Day, too. The moms are sure to be more impressed than the agents.

Eleni said...

That's funny, a little creepy, but hey flowers are pretty :)