Five Random Things About Me

Because I was thinking today about how odd I am...

1. I drink so much orange soda, it's probably running through my veins. I've been known to go through a twelve pack of diet sunkist in a day.

2. I'm legitimately nocturnal (or a vampire). I will be so exhausted at two pm that I'm falling asleep standing up - it has happened before, at Six Flags no less - but as soon as the sun goes down I'm wide awake.

3. I have a gorgeous unused $6000 Reem Acra wedding dress hanging in my closet, and it showed up on my doorstep the same day my (now ex) fiance broke up with me. And thank God for that. I wouldn't have wanted to waste that dress on him.

4. Social anxiety plagues me daily. I write a script and practice in front of the mirror when I have to make a phone call, but most people who interact with me have no idea how nervous I am (or perhaps they lie) because I've worked so hard to try to over come it.

5. I'm actually worried that I will never love my children (when I do have them in the far off future) as much as I love my dogs. I just like animals better than people - they're sweet and innocent and soft and furry - is that so wrong?

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nfmgirl said...

How appropriate that you confess these things on a blog titled "Confessions of a Wandering Heart".

I can identify with the social anxiety. I feel the same anxiety, and I too have gotten pretty good at hiding it. I can be strong and forthright with a bully on the phone at work, but they have no idea the anxiety I'm feeling inside or the fidgeting that's going on after I hang up the phone. I think that social anxiety or awkwardness and introversion is probably common among readers. Extroverts go out and live life with exuberance, while readers often live it through books.

And I always loved animals more than the human race when I was growing up. I used to tell people that animals weren't malicious and people are. However the older I get, the more I like people now!

Carrie K said...

I am so with you on my love for my dogs vs people. I am almost 34, and my husband and I are leaning towards not having kids. We both have our own reasons, but my biggest is that I love my dogs so much that A) I can't imagine loving any person more, especially when they have the ability to talk back and might have an interest in things I hate like sports and B) can't imagine choosing to bring a person into my life that would take time away from my dogs. I know there are a lot of people that might hear all that and think I'm crazy, but when I back it up with the fact that the world is over populated and other stuff, I'm not sure I have found a reason to have kids.

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

I rehearse phone calls as well.

I feel like orange soda now.