Because My Dad Drives Me Crazy...

Here is a an all too familiar interaction with my dad.

It's 10:30, and I'm standing in my parents' kitchen talking to my mom, who has just informed me that the swim meet my dad is coaching at this weekend is four hours away and he will be as a result gone all weekend. We share a whispered "YES!" And then she talks a little more about the meet.

Then Dad comes down the stairs. He does not say "hello" or any such nicety. In fact, he does not even acknowledge my presence at all. He looks at my mom and asks her if she washed the clothes he needs for the meet. She nods and goes off to the laundry room to find them. Then he looks at me.

Dad: There's something wrong with the printer.
Me: Okay...
Dad: It won't print color even though I just changed the cartridge.
Me: Um, okay, do you want me to look at it?
Dad: Yes.

I head upstairs, check a few things with the printer, take the cartridge out, check to make sure it's in right, all the little plastic strips have been taken off, I try running and test page and a troubleshooting page, but it's not working. Dad comes upstairs.

Dad: Did you fix it?
Me: No, I'm not really sure what's wrong with it.
Dad: You barely even looked at it. You're giving up with it awful quick.
Me: I checked a couple things, but I really don't know much about that printer.
Dad: I obviously would have checked all the quick things already.
Me: Okay, but I don't think I really know anymore than you would.
Dad: Well I think we want a colored printer in the house which means you better fix it.
Me: All right...


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Unknown said...

whoa, what a butt. i'm sorry i totally understand how you must feel by dad can be JUST like that.

Eleni said...

Oh boy, it felt like deja vu, my dad is the same exact way!! his hellos sound like he forces to talk to me and when he needs help and i try to help he complains i'm not doing it right lmao, we're on the same boat girl!

Unknown said...

I completely sympathize. I'm probably much older than you are (I'm 44) - I moved out when I turned 20 principally to get away from my father. Now both my parents are elderly and need my care, so I moved in with them. My dad is driving me insane! Tonight I had a long talk with a friend of mine IN MY BEDROOM WITH THE DOOR CLOSED so I could get my problems off my chest. As soon as I hung up, my Dad burst into my room. He had been STANDING OUTSIDE THE DOOR LISTENING TO MY CONVERSATION and was in a rage. I couldn't believe it. So, you're not alone. My advice if you're young and of college age, is to move out as soon as you can. I would do so now if my mother did not need me so badly (she needs round the clock care). People like that cannot change. In the mean time, keep smiling, talk to your friends, and know that you're not alone.

Unknown said...

M DAD DRIVES ME CRAZY TOO! He goes like Hey, Do Your Work! ( while i use garageband for school class) i tell him i am, and he says, No, your only playing! NOW GET OUT!