Too Perfect

I managed to snag a box of Vampire Tarot cards yesterday, and they appeal to two of my weak spots: psychics and vampires.

First, I've always had this intense desire to go visit a psychic and hear about my fortune. I don't know if I'd really believe anything they'd tell me. But I'm just so curious as to what they'd say. I admit, I even called Miss Cleo once in high school when they offered the free 10 minutes as an incentive to call. But I didn't get to talk to the real Miss Cleo of course and the woman I talked to really was just trying to build up to the 10 minute mark so she didn't tell me anything good.

And of course, I love vampires. In fact, I let out a huge sigh when I read the dedication page in the book inside the box. The author dedicated the Vampire Tarot cards to Joss Wheedon and everyone who loved Buffy and Angel. *sigh*

Published by St. Martin's Press, the box comes with 78 cards illustrated to explore the symbolism of the legend of Dracula along with a paperback which explains how to use the Tarot deck as well as how vampiric lore works with the deck.

I know nothing about reading Tarot cards, but I'm determined to learn by the time my sister comes up from DC to visit in two weeks.

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Lilixtreme said...

Lol, good luck with that! They look and sound awesome! Too good to be true...

Cassie G said...

First, I nominated you for an award on my blog!

Second, I read tarot cards! I don't have a vampire deck, but I just got some for the heck of it, and it's amazingly fun! (Even though it's not really true, you can make up about whatever you want) but I love it anyway!

Brianne said...

I find the whole phychic thing really interesting, though I don't really buy into it. Still, it's always fun to see what a phychic will tell you. I've had my palm read before and it was freakishly correct in some areas, but totally wrong in others. ;-)

Good luck with learning how to use the cards. Sounds like a good summer project. =)