How First Page Shooter Works

First Page Shooter critiques the first 250 words of fiction manuscripts (middle grade to adult, all genres). You have to send the pages for them to be considered. There is a checklist on the post labeled "Directions!"

Keep in mind a critique on your pages might take several days, and if you haven't followed the directions,  your pages won't be critiqued.

Your chance to be critiqued improves if you aren't making the same mistakes the Shark has ranted about commented on previously.

First Page Shooter is entirely a volunteer activity. No first pages sent as part of a query will be posted.  The only way your first 250 words will show up is if you email and specifically ask to have your first page critiqued.

There are no rejections. If your first 250 words aren't posted within about 120 days, they probably won't be.

This can happen for several reasons: I didn't get it, you didn't really make any mistakes I could talk about; it was so bad I didn't know where to start; I didn't understand that foreign language. Pick the reason that makes you feel best, because that's the real reason.

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