Wishlist: Kathleen Ortiz

Here's Kathleen's wishlist--aka the key to her heart.

Picture BooksLove animator/illustrators and their unique way of storytelling. Anything with "Pixar humor" is definitely for her (adults will find a different layer of humor than kids).

Young AdultReally enjoys beautiful and exceptional world building, as well as contemporary stories whose main characters stay with her far beyond the pages. Looking for unique stories -- nothing cookie cutter or similar to what has already been done. If it's set within another culture or experience, then major bonus points. If I read the opening pages and immediately think "this reminds me of TITLE", then I'll probably stop reading pretty quickly. I want something different.

Anything that would resonate well with a college-aged audience without reading like a textbook is great. Must be an expert in your field with stellar credentials and platform.

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