Happy Release Day: The Something for Every Fantasy Fan Edition

I am beyond lucky. Clearly I used up some major karma points when I convinced these two fabulously talented writers to work with me.

I fought with several other agents for MarcyKate Connolly after I read Monstrous. (The whole office celebrated when I got it).

And thanks to a film connection (yay Hollywood) I managed to snap up Victoria Aveyard and Red Queen up before she even queried anyone else.

Now, both books come out today!

Top 3 things these books have in common:
(other than, you know, me loving them)

1. I read them both in one sitting.

I read Monstrous in an afternoon at my desk while ignoring everything else I was supposed to do that day. MarcyKate already had an offer and I was desperate to read and get back to her and begin the fight.

I read Red Queen on a Sunday afternoon and then paced around my kitchen after the ending, unsure of whether I should cry, scream, of laugh giddily that I had found this book. I think I did a combination of all three.

2. The covers are stunning.

3. They are both ageless fantasies. 

Forget the fact that Monstrous is middle grade and that Red Queen is YA. These are both books that any aged reader can love. I plan to read them both aloud to my dogs, and I guarantee they will love it.

So yes, I'll stop gushing now. Happy Release Day to MarcyKate and Victoria. I love you.

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Jennie Bennett said...

Beautiful covers!! I love the detail on Monstrous. Both of them sound like books I'd like to read :)

ADominiqueSmith said...

I didn't realize you repped these books. Both of them have been on my TBR list for a while. I'm very excited to dig into both. Congrats to you all. Happy Release.

Kathryn Clark said...

Beautiful books, both of them! I've already torn through Monstrous, and I can't wait to get my hands on Red Queen. Congratulations to all of you!