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So the question is:
First off, thanks for answering all of these questions. It's a huge help! What does a writer do when faced with two requests for revise/resubmit from separate agents within one week? Should the writer be open and honest with both agents, or should the writer simply choose between the two agents and move forward?
Here are my thoughts:

I'm a big fan of open and honesty, but what you do in your next steps depends.

If you receive two R&Rs from two different agents, you also have two different potential situations.

1. Both agents have generally the same notes. They could have different suggestions for changes, but they could be looking at the same underlying issues with the manuscript.

In this case, I'd suggest being open with both agents and letting them know you also got an R&R from someone else too. In that case you'll want to discuss with them (separately) your planned changes and give them an opportunity to weigh in.

If they were asking for an exclusive, you can tell them, you'll only give the revision to the two of them (again correspond with them separately) first but that since they had similar notes, you can't pick one over the other.

2. The agents are taking the manuscript in different direction. The agents have different notes and different issues within the manuscript, reflecting a different editorial vision for the project.

I think this situation is harder and easier at the same time. You can't do both. I'd suggest going with your gut--which vision resembles your vision more closely. Go with those edits. Revise and resubmit and move forward. But also politely let the other agent know that you're thankful for his/her feedback, but you think you want to take the manuscript in a different direction.

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