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The question is:

What are the MG and YA genres that you *aren't* tired of seeing, besides contemporary that is. And what are the adult genres you aren't tired of seeing?
This is a common question. In fact I probably get it asked once a week in some kind of form.
What's the next big thing?
When will dystopian/paranormal/vampires/unicorns/etc come back?
What are you looking for?
What should I write? 
It all comes down to the fact that right now the market is crowded. And we've run through a number of trends in a quick amount of time, especially in children's books and YA. Both markets expanded over the last ten years as more adult readers began to crossover and read MG and YA.

There's a problem with asking this question though.

I don't have an answer.

There's the fact that I can't predict the future, sure. But we're also in that strange place where I can't answer because I can't put words to it.

The truth is I want something I haven't seen before. I want something that doesn't feel overdone or tired or like that other book I read a few weeks ago.

The YA Gone Girl, the YA Game of Thrones, the Twilight but with [insert other paranormal creature here], the John Green-esque contemporary, the Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson--they're all either overdone or ridiculous. With 200 queries a week, half my queries are pitched like one of the above.

I want something that I can't describe because it's that different. I don't actually know what I want because the one line hook doesn't matter to me at the moment.

I want an amazing character. A voice. Someone who demands from page one, from line one, that I sit up and pay attention, that I follow their story. I want great writing and great pacing. I want to feel breathless as I read because I need to get to the end.

But I won't know what that is until I get it.

It might end up being something that could be described as the YA Gone Girl, the YA Game of Thrones, the Twilight but with [insert other paranormal creature here], the John Green-esque contemporary the Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson, but it won't matter because it will be so much more than that.

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